The Great British Break Off


I thought last night was the last episode of The Great British Bake Off – ever –  and I was prepared to be devastated. But I was wrong – and the devastation was cast aside. But then it filtered back and now I truly don’t know how I feel.

Paul Holywood

It seems someone  – like the BBC  – threw the show a lifeline and it will return next year after all. BUT and it’s a big but, the only cast member who will return  – if we can believe the internet and trust that it’s not spreading Fake News (ha) –  is Paul Hollywood. No Mel, no Sue and no, yes you’re reading correctly – NO Mary Berry. What the?

Watching Mary Berry is sweet torture for me. Mary reminds me of my late mum in so many ways. My mum was tiny and she absolutely lived to bake and cook. And she was damned good at it.  Mum also shared Mary’s cheeky smile – and she loved a tipple!  That cheeky look Mary bestows on anyone who mentions her passion for plonk? My mum all over.

So, will I be watching the new show? I’m not sure now. I guess I’ll have to check it out at the time.

Mary, however, isn’t the only reasonMary Berry

I love TGBBO. I wholeheartedly agree with the show’s tagline (also the tagline of the Oz version) that it’s the ‘friendly competition’.

Time & time again, contestants will stop to help a fellow competitor. Such a refreshing change from Josh MKR  contestants grinning gleefully every time another contestant makes a mistake.

So to the TGBBO finale. As always I was conflicted as to who I wanted to win. I always hope for a three way tie. 😉  Jane, Andrew & Candice were no exception though maybe my heart swerved slightly in Jane’s direction  this time. That said, I think the best person won, in so much as I feel it will make the most difference to Candice’s life than to the lives of the others.

So, was it a nail biting finale? Um, no. At least I didn’t think so. Okay, so while I wouldn’t have said no if anyone had popped through the screen and offered me a sample of what they’d prepared, in many ways I thought they were pretty basic challenges. I think the big issue was the 49 individual pieces for the Show Stopper, rather than ‘what’ they had to produce.

Victoria sponge

Anyhoo, I still enjoyed every moment  – and to celebrate the finale I wanted to share a recipe from that event –  and the only one I could find was Madam Berry’s Victoria Sandwich.

 In the meantime – what did you think of the finale?


2 Responses

  1. I watch every episode, then watch An Extra Slice afterwards! I am so addicted to these ‘everyday’ cooks becoming wonderful. I confess I was hoping Andrew might make it, he was such fun to watch with his gorgeous smile and mathematical precision. Such a shame the show is changing next time, it won’t be the same. I feel a bit devastated about it, honestly.

    • I’m so addicted too Malvina! I love baking so it’s a natural thing for me – and I am so in awe of their talent! In the first episode of the Great Aussie version, Matt Moran admitted he had no idea home bakers could produce such professional offerings. He was genuinely amazed

      It’s a lovely show. So warm. And I agree, Andrew was just lovely. Any parent would be proud – as his obviously were. It’s interesting how many of these home bakers were inspired by their grandmothers. I wonder with the changes in our domestic/social structure whether that will continue…

      I’m right with you re the changes to the TGBBO show. Feeling very apathetic. Will I, won’t I? I guess only watching the first episodes will tell. But I bet I get drawn in! 😉

      I truly watch MKR for the recipes – and I collect them – but i do get drawn into the drama. Even if i don’t want to. I think that show is very manipulated by the director’s editing. That said, young Josh isn’t doing himself any favours. He’s giving them lots of material. If he’s even driving his wife to tears of hurt and embarrassment – then I fear the portrayal of him as a very unpleasant young man could be right! I’m hoping tonight won’t be as bad as I fear it is.

      But I’m off track. Thank you Malvina! Love chatting to you! xxx

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