More Winners. Free Stuff!

Prize Time!

Today there is no chat, no diddling, dawdling or dallying. I’m just giving it to you straight.

Last night I got to finally cut up names and stick them into the trusty, orange bowl and get someone to draw names of winners of prizes for 3 of the 4 outstanding prizes!

On Thursday we had on offer the Gold Bouillon prize and I’m happy to announce that winner is the very sparkly:

Ms Paula Roe!

Couldn’t imagine a happier coupling!

The next prize was for Friday contributors and is was the gorgeous So Eternal perfume pack. And I’m equally excited to announce the winner is the gorgeous

Ms Beck!

Which brings us up to Monday and the mug/choccies prize. And I’m still jiggling with joy as I announce that winner …

Ms Chris Bell!

Congratulations everybody! In a day or so I’ll be announcing the winner of the Book Give-away!

Please make sure you contact me with your deets as soon as possible and I’ll get these prizes away.

And thank you so very much for helping me party all week!  Thanks you too to all those who contributed to my impressive stats, but who could stay to chat. I’m very appreciative of your time.


Amazing Shoes and “Dead, Actually” Book Give-away. It doesn’t get better. (Unless there’s ice cream???)

So, it’s no secret I love shoes. The sparklier, the less practical, the more they draw me. So, while I can’t say that it was a conscious decision to have a stiletto shoe as a continuing motif through Dead, Actually’ – I feel quite strongly that it was probably prompted by that subconscious fascination with (often) totally inappropriate footwear. Though, maybe not quite as inappropriate as those on the left… 

So, in honour of that shoe motif and in honour of shoe freaks, like me, everywhere, today I’m going to share some of the craziest shoes I’ve ever seen. I first saw some of these on my friend Maree Anderson blog ages and ages ago, so I have to pay homage to her for prompting me to go searching for more. Big Mexican Waves, Maree! Tsunami sized!

Today also marks the final day of Release Week for me. We’ve got heaps coming up – like blog tours and more fabbo comps, and I’ll be giving you the skinny on those as there are some delish prizes to be won. Sterling silver/Swarovski crystal bracelets (Yes!!)  Books (Thank you A&U), BE make-up sets. Handbags – yes(!) gorgeous Juicy Couture handbags. If you’ve read the book you get the reference.

All things girly and fitting for the upmarket stars of Dead, Actually – Willow, JoJo, Macey et al. But for just a little while,  we end the daily prize grab. That said, there are always monthly prizes on this blog – so it’s kinda always party time.

Today’s give-away is a copy of Dead, Actually courtesy of Allen & Unwin PLUS a gorgeous sparkly stiletto that you can use as a bag tag, a Chrissie dec or just something to hang and drool over. I ah-dor it!!

BTW – the mugs arrived! So, I’ll be checking on that winner in a mo


We’re also doing something a bit different today – and I’m blatantly stealing this idea from my friend Peter Taylor! He totally conned me into signing up as a follower of his blog today – and I loved it!

Okay – so you don’t have to allow yourself to be conned or tricked or be persuaded by any of those or other semi-illegal methods – but if you DO decided to play along, I promise you’ll be mentioned in my will. Promise…Pinky swear…

Here’s the skinny: To be in the draw, you only ever need to come and say hi. Or you could tell me which pair of shoes here is the weirdest. That will get you into the draw. How could you get TWO chances in the draw? Sign up for my blog! And that’s whether you comment or not!

“Peter Taylor you’re either a genius or a Kamikaze Pilot!”

Why? ‘Cos you’ll all either join the fun in the spirit it’s intended; ignore me and drop in occasionally anyway – or you’ll go running off and never speak to me again. Eek! Sob!  Please don’t let it be the latter. I don’t handle rejection…

Okay, so I’ll stop blathering and deliver my promise of more crazy shoes. Enjoy! (Note: I tried to get designer names for these shoes but failed for most.  The cage shoes are by Polly Verity. The hoof-feet *could* be by Iris Schieferstein because I found some that were very similar. Many designs are by Kobi Levi (also at) who designed those double boots for Lady Gaga.

Get it? It's a shoe stuck in gum. The pink heel is the stretched gum.

Horse's hooves? Homage to cloven-animalia?

Lunch on the run?Sorry, couldn't resist...

Have to admit - these are totally weird but totally gorgeous...

Shoes & Chocolate! Great comp!

 Who loves chocolate? Who loves shoes? My fabulous publishers are running a great competition to begin promoting my March release – Dead, Actually.  This is pure fun! All you have to do is vote for your fave chocolate shoe – yep – chocolate shoe, to go in the running!

All deets are on their FB  page:

Or visit Allen & Unwin’s FB page!

How did this happen?

In October, I visited my publishers for a marketing meeting for my upcoming novel, “Dead, Actually“. My agent flew up from Melbourne and it was a fabulous day – complete with a yummy seafood lunch. Those galz know how to get straight to this author’s heart…

Anyway, I took pressies! As there is a stiletto motif that runs through the book, I prepared gorgeous bags filled with chocolate melts, scrummy, edible decorations and stiletto moulds. I had added two chocolate stilettos for each bag, that I’d created the night before.  

There was such excitement, that right there a comp was born.  The staff and their families created shoes and we all get to vote! How easy, and how much fun?

There are books (including a copy of Dead, Actually as soon as it becomes available) to be won,  and I’ll be adding a cute chocolate mould pack  complete with chocky and decorations.

Anyway, I’d love, love you to support me on this. Please check out the FB page and vote for your fave shoe! I have my own personal fave. So, what do you think? Should the staff at A&U give up their day jobs and become chocolate shoe makers? LOL!





November Giveaway: What’s Your Fave Christmas Recipe?

I warned you it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And if I was a truly horrible person I’d also warn you how many shopping days there are left till Christmas. Yes, I suppose there is a possibility that, to do that, might be construed as  a Public Service Announcement – but honestly? I’m not that noble.

Why? I sooo don’t need that stress…

But – stress aside, it IS my fave time of the year. I love the music, the spirituality, the smells, the shops, the traditions – and yes the food. Each year we have traditional fare that we always bake or make.

We usually have a tree trimming party – and scattered in with everything else that may change from year to year – there are always my mini sausage rolls, prawns wrapped in bacon, onion tarts and arrancini.    After there’d be the yummy moist fruitcake that my mother and grandmother have also been making for probably a hundred years.  (Don’t try to do the math – I’m very bad at it. Just take my word and we’ll all be happy. Okay?) And of course yummy sweets and fruit and nuts.  

On Christmas Day, we usually have seafood followed by a traditional roast pork, turkey and chicken hot lunch with masses of roast vegies. Afterward we always have my mum’s mini Christmas puds with custard and cream, pavlova and  great, ice-cream and lolly Christmas pudd for those who don’t like traditional pudding.

My November giveaway is all about that time of getting ready for Christmas – creating edible gifts, and creating treats for your family and friends. There is a box of 30 Illustrated Christmas Recipe Cards  filled wth fun ideas – and a very cute 6-cavity, silicone cake-mould shaped like Chrstmas trees on offer! I’d also use these for chocolate treats – or coconut ice or  fudge as well. What would you use them for?

It’s easy to win – actually super, super easy this month as we only have two weeks left of the month!!! All you have to do to go in the draw is to leave a comment on any blog this month. To make it easy and fun this particular blog – I’d love to know about any tradition/s you have  – and I’d especially love to know which Christmas food is your fave? What food or tradition is your absolute fave? 

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun. If you have young people in your life or house who’d like to offer their fave things, I’d love to hear from the as well.

October Winner!

Status: Working on new book. Yay!

Days till release of Dead, Actually: 119 (Allen & Unwin, March 1st 2012)

Wow – my first competition! And it was such fun!

So without ado – or with ado – whatever you prefer, it is my pleasure to to announce that :-

                                                   ELENI KONSTANTINE

                                                    is the October winner!

Is it steak knives? Is it choccies? Is it  world trip? NO!

It’s girlie stuff!   To keep or to share – whatever works best for you.

Enjoy, Eleni and if you contact me with your addy, I can post it out to you! 

Stay tuned for the November prize announcement. Hint: “It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas… ” Tra la la. (And no, it’s not  a CD of me singing Christmas Carols – so you can all heave a big sigh of relief.)





RWA Photos 2011 – Cocktail Party.

I’m only about two and half months late… And no, this Mafia Mud wasn’t served at the RWA Cocktail Party, but I *did* enjoy it at a fabulous retro Italian Restaurant in Lygon Street the night before the conference began in earnest.  And it  was wonderful. And potent!
The photo below looks like I’ve been swimming in cocktails all afternoon – but it had been a big day.  A meeting with my agent (Jacinta di Mase) in the morning, an amazing lunch at a local cafe (with a very cute waiter who told us AFTER we’d paid the bill that anyone staying at the Hilton gets a discount(!)), and then late afternoon shopping through the magical stores of Melbourne and darting through alleyways that housed hole-in-the-wall cafes that exuded that most mouthwatering aromas and were reminiscent of exotic Morocco. There was the most amazing wall-art to be wowed by and raindrops that had their target pinned directly on me. And so by the time we’d battled the bulging trams and  traversed Lygon street twice to find the perfect restaurant – I was beat!
After that long excuse for looking like a drowned rat – let me explain my post this week. It’s simply a pointer to the new photo page on this blog – and which features some photos of the cocktail party.
I almost forgot I had the camera, and

Ree Mandas and I enjoying that scrumptious cocktail!

so my shots were taken virtually as I was walking through the crowd as the night closed.  There were so many, many fabulous costumes, and I’m annoyed I didn’t get to immortalise those. But, those I did take, are fun!

So, take a peek and I hope you enjoy and remember…
In a week or so, I’ll post the rest of the photos, so look out for those as well.  
Till then don’t forget this is probably the last October post – and I (or someone!) will be drawing the winner’s name on Tuesday! 
As always, thank you for dropping by!

The Year of the Tiger

I got a bit sidetracked with Borders and edits and a couple of million other minor things, but here I am continuing the Chinese Zodiac series of posts.

Three down and gosh – only nine to go! LOL. Bet you’re excited huh?   

I’m continuing, because despite the lack of comments, anonymous people ARE dropping by to check out their predictions. I may not know who you are people – but I know you’ve been here!  <g>

So, Tigers… You’re a Tiger if you were born in any of these 12 year cycle years: 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 etc.  

Traits: As your sign suggests, you are fairly volatile. Rules and barriers are there to be broken through, and you’ll rebel with little provocation. You’re energetic and like to be the centre of attention. Your temper rises quickly, but you’re also considerate and affectionate. You’re also a bit careless with possessions and careless about rules.  But if you put your mind to somthing – you’ll always be a huge success.

Best partners: Dog, Dragon and Horse.

Prediction: This is  a good year for you – success lies in wait. Good results could mean good financial returns. Your dediction and hard work will be acknowledged. Plan carefully for July, and set solid goals as they’ll probably come to fruition. Make sure you always think before you speak and always, always remember you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.  This softer approach will be beneficial to your success.  

Go the Tigers!