Winners & Grinners

K08B3ICA60IGY1CA0HDVAGCAFNC7CGCAXAZRKECAKVA8VVCAWDRIXTCA5LG0OFCACA1S2ACAT877WWCA7PN5OFCATCPIIYCA6W1O5YCAZPIKTBCAZ29L3CCA72BSGJCAGQFWBECADQXVNQCAO3WAHXCA1MY5WAToday is the day we pick the winners from those who helped me celebrate my cover reveal. Thank you for all your support; the number of people who comment is a fraction of all those of you who have visited – and I just want everyone to know I’m grateful for your time.  So that’s the winners part of this post (names at the bottom because – well because I’m slack and I haven’t yet drawn those names. Get ready to have a pin stuck in you, or grabbed. Manhandled…? I won’t tell you which method I choose, you can imagine your own preferred deciphering process. I’m not going to ask which. Way too much information for me...)
The grinners? A couple of fotes from our classy coffee catch up last Sunday at The Edwards. A cool lazy afternoon filled with chatter and food and wine.
2015-10-18 15.12.57   Like-minded people, wine and food. Is there a more fabulous combination anywhere? (Not that I’m agin ‘unlike-minded’ people, but sometimes it’s just great to talk to people who speak your language and travel your journey. It’s simultaneously energizing and relaxing. Go figure. )
So, who turned up? After a few were struck down with last minute lurgies and other stuff like turning up on the wrong day ( I didn’t ask for excuse notes and looking at you Morgan Bell and also Sheree Kable, Kim Ross, Deb Kelly, Natalie Daniels, Liz Anelli and 2015-10-18 15.09.39sincere apologies to anyone else I missed )
Susan Whelan and I got to hang with Bev Murrill, Katrina McKelvey, Cynthia Hyde, Nat Petrohelos, Ant Wood, Alyssa Brugman  &  Trinity Doyle.

2015-10-18 15.09.00

I’m techo-challenged at the best of times, but it doesn’t help if your system won’t cooperate. So:
Photo 1, From L: Cynthia Hyde, Trinity Doyle, Katrina McKelvey, Susam Whelan, Bev Murrill.
Photo 2, from L: Alyssa Brugman, Ant Wood, Nat Petrohelos, Cynthia Hyde.
Photo 3, from L: Kaz & Alyssa.
So now to the exciting part! Winners!!
And the winners are: Drumroll Please…


Congratulations! Please contact me to supply your addresses so I can get these gorgeous books packs away.

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January 2015

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