Launches! A day of Magic and Secret Caves…

I am blessed to have many author friends all over the world, but also blessed to live in a community with a strong fellowship of authors who all support each other.
This weekend was a big one with two launches and plus a get-together the next day of a dozen or so other author friends – but that last one I’ll leave until next time. For now: launches!


The first launch was for children’s author Jess Black who launched the third book in her Keeper of the Crystals series at MacLeans Bookstore in Hamilton. This one is entitled, Eve and the Mermaid’s Tears. It’s a beautiful book and a beautiful series for those younger readers who are coming into chapter books – 7-10 years – and confident readers as  well. The bonus is a lovely story where mermaids are being chased by dastardly pirates who want the mermaids’ tears to sell because those tears are like precious treasure.

The afternoon was busy! Our hosts, Max and Amanda of MacLeans had gone out of their way to create a deep sea experience, complete gently wafting strips of ethereal fabric heralding the entrance to the Mermaid’s Cave. There was the opportunity to make your own pirate IMAG0954or mermaid plate – I’ve always wanted to be a pirate – some tasty morsels that looked like they’d been sprinkled with mermaid’s tears (wow) plus a very sweet, well mannered real-life mermaid – complete with flapping tail.

It was an afternoon full of fun for kids and adults alike. This book will be available in a bookstores and if you’re local, MacLeans certainly have it. Look carefully and you might even catch a glimpse of a naughty mermaid still hovering among the books. Who knows? You might be lucky!IMAG0955

Congrats, Jess – we wish you huge success!

2015-10-17 18.20.37The second event, held that evening,  was slightly more upmarket (no mermaids in sight and not one banana masquerading as a pirate. Or was the other way around? A pirate masquerading as a banana? ) however there was still a sea theme – well at least I usually associate sushi with the sea. Prawns, fish etc. Yes? No? And instead of sea water we had something way more palatable – bubbles! Yes, sparkling wine – which I still erroneously  refer to as champagne!  Not that it stayed in the glass long enough to debate the correct title.

This time we’d gathered to celebrate the launch of Deborah Kelly’s book of Haiku Poetry entitled Haiku Journey at Reflections Within, an inspirational New Age store in BelmontOn this gorgeous balmy evening Maxine, the proprietor, gladly opened her doors to her own Aladdin’s Cave-like shop strung with sparkling crystals, a venue that well suited the book. Acclaimed children’s author Deb, (her latest picture book, Dinosaur Disco was released just last month)2015-10-17 18.10.43 has long had a love affair with everything associated with Japan. She even met her husband, ‘a spunky young Aussie’, as she referred to him,  when both were working there, and their two children have Japanese inspired names –  so it was no surprise that she’d one day create something close to her heart that would incorporate all that love.2015-10-17 18.34.24

Haiku is a form of Japanese poetry that is recognized by its three line, 17 syllable format.  Each poem has a significance as part of Deb’s journey over her two years in Japan. She arrived there originally with two bags, no money and two words of Japanese – one of which was sushi! And yet she learned quickly to love this land for all its quirks and beauty. The following poem appears in the section entitled ‘Summer’ and I loved the images it evokes.

               Mottled Midori

             I drink of the park as though

            it were a cocktail

It was a warm, gentle evening as befitted the style of the book. We nibbled and sipped and chatted to friends. Deb and her sister, and Deb’s gorgeous little daughter all shared some of the poems.

Before 2015-10-17 18.11.29and after the official part of the evening,  the illustrator of Haiku Journey, Stephen Cassettari, quietly yet enthusiastically, demonstrated Chinese Brush Painting. Breathtakingly gorgeous and his delicate style enhances Deb’s words.  If you’re interested in Haiku, Japan or just want a treat, this book will be available at Reflections Within, Pacific Hwy Belmont.  (02) 4945 1800

Congrats to you as well Deb, it was lovely to share your journey through the Haiku!

2015-10-19 09.18.53

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