More Winners. Free Stuff!

Prize Time!

Today there is no chat, no diddling, dawdling or dallying. I’m just giving it to you straight.

Last night I got to finally cut up names and stick them into the trusty, orange bowl and get someone to draw names of winners of prizes for 3 of the 4 outstanding prizes!

On Thursday we had on offer the Gold Bouillon prize and I’m happy to announce that winner is the very sparkly:

Ms Paula Roe!

Couldn’t imagine a happier coupling!

The next prize was for Friday contributors and is was the gorgeous So Eternal perfume pack. And I’m equally excited to announce the winner is the gorgeous

Ms Beck!

Which brings us up to Monday and the mug/choccies prize. And I’m still jiggling with joy as I announce that winner …

Ms Chris Bell!

Congratulations everybody! In a day or so I’ll be announcing the winner of the Book Give-away!

Please make sure you contact me with your deets as soon as possible and I’ll get these prizes away.

And thank you so very much for helping me party all week! ¬†Thanks you too to all those who contributed to my impressive stats, but who could stay to chat. I’m very appreciative of your time.