My turn to take the photo!

P&O Pacific Sun In Sydney

The old ‘take your own pic’ trick

authors: Keziah Hill, Jennifer Brassal, Shannon CurtisMore authors: Shannon Curtis, Paula Roe & Kazauthors and crit group partners: Kaz (centre) with Michelle Douglas (L) and Annie West (R)With BFF and fantabulous travelling bud, Sandra AllenHappy Birthday Bobby!With Michael Gerard Bauer at CYAThe Fabulous 'Team Allen & Unwin'. Go Team!"My Team". Fr L: My agent, Jacinta di Mase; myself; my editor, Rachael Donovan; my publisher, Anna McFarlane.Margaret (left) with mate and fellow YA author Amanda AshbyAt the races for my birthday with my 'lunch' girlfriends: From left: Annie, Sue, Lee-lee, Lynda; Karen, Kim and Kaz (front right.)You gotta love a family who knows that even your birthday cake needs bling...


5 Responses

  1. Wow Kaz!! What a hot husband you have!! Now we know where the romance insipiration comes from!!

  2. Hi Kaz

    Thought I’d drop over for a squizz. Love the photos of your gorgeous hubby (and you look pretty cool, too!) What do you mean you don’t like country music??

    Lots of love and hugs,
    Chris Taylor

  3. Love the site. Very pretty. Paula does great work.
    Cathleen Ross

  4. Looks fab, Kaz. Congratulations! xxx

  5. Hi Kazzzzzzzz
    Hope you are well and enjoyed Somerset!!
    Was FABBBBBBBB top meet you! Hopefully next year we can do that / New York- New York Duet / for the festival !
    ( Do people know how well you sing???- this girl can sing)
    DITZY DIVA looks GReat! Stay well , hope the kids enjoy my silly books.
    Love & Kisses
    Andy Jones xx

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