Back from the Dead… Kidding.


It’s been a long time but I have late notes. Several of them, all signed by prominent physicians. Ha! But,  and here’s where I show my respect for you dear readers –  😉  I’m NOT going to bore you with deets! How good am I? I know. I’m very good.  I can feel your appreciation from here. I can hear it in the long sighs of relief. 

And even though there’s a little ways to go before I cross that finish line, I STILL won’t bore you with all those ‘let me show you mine’ stories.  I know, I know. Again. I’m a freakin’ saint, right? 

However, I’m heaps betterImage may contain: 1 person than I was, and dying to tell you what’s happening in my world and find out what’s happening in yours. I’ve missed being here. It’s weird really, I’ve never been a great blogger but all the time I was away from the computer, things I wanted to share kept popping up, so I feel I’ve returned with a renewed enthusiasm. 

Hopefully I can sustain it and will be relying on you to keep me honest. 

Staying Sane

Next time I want to talk about what I’m doing, but for now I want to talk about how I stayed (ha! almost) sane during the past eighteen months because it will reflect what will appear here from time to time. 

Sometimes when things are bad in your life, you need to find a place to escape. Whether that be physically, if you can, or mentally – find it and visit often. 

Initially for me, that turned out to be baking and cooking. No surprises. They’ve always been passions of mine. Strangely though, television shows of that ilk haven’t. BUT, when you can’t do the physical, take the next best thing. TV shows. And cookbooks. 

I lived by them. I got to know ( in my head – very dangerous 😉 ) all the presenters intimately and almost bankrupted myself adding to my already  ridiculous collection of cookbooks. You know what though? It kept me occupied and kept me thinking forward; planning what I’d create when I could.  I wasn’t able to plot or write per se, but this was something I could do. 

The beach was my other solace. I’m fortunate to live on the doorstep of both the Pacific Ocean, and Lake Macquarie. I spent  – and spend- hours there. Especially on the beach. Walking. Sitting. Thinking. People watching. I always had a notebook in my bag and almost always came home with an idea. 

Image may contain: ocean, sky, nature, outdoor and water

It honestly worked and I can’t stress enough that if you’re struggling physically or mentally to try to find one thing you can get passionate about; one thing to keep you looking forward. It helps. 

So, as the weeks progress, yep, I’ll be talking writing and reading – my faves. But also there’ll be some cooking or baking stuff thrown in. Just because I can. I also (not this year) grow vegies and some fruits – so maybe I’ll be tossing some of that in. I hope not to bore you, but to share some of my world. 

Talk soon. 


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  1. Kay, so glad to hear from you. Just the other day I asked someone what you were doing and where you were, so I’m really glad to hear that you’re recovering and getting out there… Looking forward to seeing you again.

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