It’s Spring!

The sun is shining, the beans are popping their heads up out the soil, the strawberries 20150929_12090720150929_121145 (1)are flourishing, the fledgling tomatoes are standing strong and straight on their sturdy stems, the blueberries have burst into flower – and I have a newly organised and structured office which has cleared my head as well as the space around me. And as a result? I have come to life!

I won’t embarrass myself by telling you how many garbage bags of stuff I disposed of over the past couple of weeks – but if we played that guessing game, I’d hint that it might be more than twenty and less than thirty. W.O.W. This time I was ruthless. But really? Did I really need 18 copies of my first manuscript??? What I DID save,was the handwritten version which is pretty spesh. When ‘Cassie Who’  sold, I brought my first computer with the proceeds. That’ll give you an idea of how long ago that was. Sheesh!

The clearing out was hard work, but I loved it. It was inspiring and invigorating – and maybe that had a lot to do with the weather. I love spring and summer. I always figure I must be solar-powered because when most people are wilting with the steamy weather in summer, I am energised and raring to go!  I love it!

And I need to be energised! I have an amazing book coming out in January with Allen & Unwin – my first foray into rural romance for many a year. According to my publisher, The Reluctant Jillaroo is:

... genuinely sweet, romantic and a page turner. I'm not a country girl, 
but reading THE RELUCTANT JILLAROO made me feel all wistful for the open 
air, big skies, horse-riding and campfires. It's come together beautifully! So thank you for all your hard work. You've written a beauty!

Who could ask for better praise than that? After a torrid time with the edits, I was mightily relieved to hear that!

So what else do I have to be energised for? My first foray into self publishing! That’s what! This is for an ebook that will come as a freebie to anyone who buys the novel! And what an amazing journey that’s been! So much to learn! That said, I’m working with a great team at Book Café. Plus I have a very astute freelance proofreader/editor in Judith Worland, plus a great cover gal in Helen Katsini! Blessed!

And there’s way, way more – but I’ll feed that through slowly as the days move on and warm up even more. I always have too much to say at one time {wow – you’d never have guessed right? 😉 }

How has the season change affected you? Last night we celebrated the lovely weather with bourbon-laced sticky pork ribs, followed by pears in red wine. Maybe not the perfect pairing, but delish nonetheless. I hope you’re enjoying this amazing weather as much as I am.


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on the foray into self publishing – hooray! I’m doing that and it’s heaps of work but very rewarding 🙂

    Enjoy this lovely warm weather x

  2. Oh wow – what are you self pubbing, Joanne? I’m still taking baby steps. So overwelming. So much to learn! I’m so envious of you being so far ahead of me! Let me know what’s happening and heaps of good luck.

    And yes, I truly am loving this warm weather – except for the snakes. One appeared today just to remind me that I can’t relax… Sigh…

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