CYA turns 10!

CYA2015 weclome banner

I was very honoured to be invited to speak at CYA’s (Children & Young Adult) tenth anniversary conference in Brisbane  last weekend.


Me, during my 90 min preso, offering words of wisdom – or maybe asking directions to the loo…

CYA2015 Tin and birthday cake

Tina Clarke – convenor extraordinaire – and that cake! Happy 10th CYA 2015.

While there, I attended a great workshop with the ever vivacious Jacqui Honeywood ( on blogging and social media, and someone in the audience mentioned that she’d checked someone’s blog recently and they hadn’t added anything for over a year and I suddenly had a massive guilt attack. I barely restrained myself from diving to the floor and begging forgiveness – even though it probably wasn’t even my blog she was talking about! Or maybe it was…

Whether it was or wasn’t – I’m back and bringing a new resolve with me. I’m not going to explain. It’s been a tough couple of years for me – as anyone who’s close to me knows. But I’m coping well now and trying to get myself back into gear.

And what better way to do that than with wishing CYA a very happy birthday!

It was brilliant! And there was cake!

CYA2015 Tina peter Ally

Tina with Peter Allert and Ally. Ally is Tina’s CYA offsider and Peter is the official photographer – and all the shots here are his work. Well done Pete! And thank you!

And there was also the inimitable Maurice Gleitzman!

CYA2015Maurice Gleitzman

There was also a whole babble of friends old and new – and some I knew from afar but got to meet first time face to face.  There was also my brilliant agent Jacinta di Mase (JDM Management  and we got to chat about direction and that was fun and reassuring.  There was my other agent mate, Alex Adsett and whole slurry of editors from just about every major publishing house.

There are tonne of other photos on the CYA site and hopefully we might see some notes up there (from the other workshops) as well. I spoke about ‘Ditching your Control Briefs’ – which was of course, about the structure of your story and holding up that sagging middle (without pain).

CYA2015 success wallAbove: CYA Success Wall:  if anything good happened to you as a result of CYA – publishing etc – then you get to go on their Success Wall. I met and signed with my lovely Lit Agent there a few years back – so I’m on the wall. And those of us in attendance each received a very groovy gold pin as well this year! And got a photey!

I have to say that CYA is one of my fave events each year and I aways make sure I don’t book myself out for anything else for that first weekend in July. If you haven’t made that trip yet, and you write for kids or YAs or you’d like to start – or if you’d just like to rub shoulders with some of the best kids and YA authors in the country – then give yourself a gift and head on up to Brissie next July!  (the 2nd to be exact!) I’ll certainly see you there!

Right now, I’m knee deep in edits  for my next novel, due out in January 2016, but in the coming weeks, I hope to share some of the lovely events I’ve been fortunate to attend so far this year.

Until then happy Birthday CYA and hey, it’s good to be back! xxx


2 Responses

  1. Love your post, Kaz. I am sure you were a blessing as well as being blessed. Love the photos – and the chuckle for the comment of what you were speaking about. Afraid it could have been my blog too that was mentioned as not being updated for a year. I so prefer writing my novels than blog posts, but I know not fair to our reader followers and friends.

  2. Hello lovely lady, so glad to see you back on the blogging bandwagon. It’s tough to get on it and stay on it sometimes because let’s face it, life gets in the way of digital marketing. So wonderful to see you once again at CYA and so very humbled to have you in my audience xx

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