Singleton Library Rocks!

St Val's image 2Valentine’s Day is a time to remember why we fell in love, to relive those delish moments and generally get all gooey.

Yes, yes, I know it’s also a time for some to reload the shotgun and or smack themselves up the side of the head for some past (or present) hormone induced stupidity… But for the moment we’re going to let those people sit in the corner and mutter obscenities while they wait till all the red hearts and streamers have left the shop buildings and people like me stop talking about (I’ve dropped my voice to a whisper) “St, Val’s Day.

This year, on St Val’s Eve, my husband took me to the country. It was a beautiful balmy evening, and after some reasonably frenzied and heated activity and nice wine, we shared an al fresco meal before heading home.  Romantic?St Val's image 1

Yeah, well that’s the romance writer’s version. The truth is in there, but perhaps not quite as it was portrayed.

TRUTH ONE: My husband DID drive me to the country, with author mate Michelle Douglas hitching a ride in the back seat.  We travelled an hour and a half north west(ish) to beautiful uptown Singleton so we could meet up with another  author mate, S.E Gilchrist to speak to Singleton Library patrons about all things romance.

S.E Gilchrist, Kaz, Michelle Douglas - and our driver my wonderful hub in the background!

S.E Gilchrist, Kaz, Michelle Douglas – and our driver, my wonderful hub, in the background!

TRUTH TWO:It was indeed a balmy evening. Gorgeous in fact. And two local vineyards, Catherine Vale and Hope Estate, supplied wine for the library event. So, yes, there was wine and it was yummy! 

TRUTH THREE:  Hot and frenzied activity did sort of happen. It was warmish  in the library  – or was that the wine(?) – and the discussion was quite lively! 😉 

TRUTH FOUR: Al fresco dining? Does Macca’s  on the run count? 😉  It was too late to find anything else and would be even later by the time we got back home, so we shared a quick meal before heading back down the highway.

TRUTH FIVE and the only one that counts: We had a wonderful evening. Rob Stewart and the staff at the library were so welcoming, and the patrons and guests were just a delight.  It was a truly special evening – fit for St Valentine’s eve. We made some new friends, caught with some old ones (writers from the Hunter Romance Writers ), sipped wine and talked books for ages and ages. We all write different types of books  which made it even more fun. 

S.E., Kaz and Michelle with some of the Hunter Romance Writers. Thank you Sandie James I(back right) for the photo.

S.E., Kaz and Michelle with some of the Hunter Romance Writers. Thank you Sandie James I(back right) for the photo.

  Thank you Singleton! Hope to see you again soon!  And a very happy (belated) St Valentine’s Day – and remember you don’t need a special day to show someone you care about them and that you appreciate them being in your life. 

Till later! Kaz

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5 Responses

  1. It was a greet night Kaz. I enjoyed hearing the way the three of you approach your writing. Thank you for a delightful and entertaining evening.

    • Thank you Sandie – it truly was a great night. But then again, I’ve rarely attended anything in Singleton that hasn’t been warm and welcoming. There’s something in the water up there! 🙂

      I think some of the fun came from the fact that we all write different types of books – so it was a good mix. Something for everybody I hope. It was a well chosen grouping.

      Thanks for commenting Sandie – hopefully we’ll catch up again soon – and thank you again for the photos! Can’t believe I forgot my camera… xxx

  2. Oh, i bet you all had a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for the pics and write-up. You look gorgeous, as always.

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