Win!!! Better Odds Than Lotto! Prizes Galore!


Never felt lucky? I know the feeling but trust me – and I don’t need my psychic friend Zoradastramas to back this up – THIS could be YOUR lucky day!

At the moment 3 blogs are offering no less than 6 copies of my books: 4 x Almost Dead and 2 x Dead Actually! Think about this! Winning one of these books is way, way more likely than winning lotto! And you don’t even have to buy a ticket!

And there are about to be more!  But to current news first. 

Yesterday I was honoured to be featured on two exciting blogs, both offering books prizes, so if you’d like to win a copy of Almost Dead, pop along and check them out.

1) Ebony Mckenna Blogspot.Ebony McKenna 

Ebs, author of the famed and wonderfully entertaining  Ondine series, and I met at an RWA fancy dress cocktail  party. She was dressed as a Bondgirl/Spy and I went as a ?detective/spy in a trench, sunnies and fedora. She sidled up to me and, as the story goes, whispered, “Boris, in Moscow it is cold in Winter” or something similar. I reputedly replied with, “Natasha! Have you seen a moose and a squirrel?”  That night a friendship was born  and Boris and Natasha got up to some amazing hijinks  that included slinking around poles (not dancing unfortunately), commando rolls (well, my arthritic version) around corners and generally being ridiculous. We were also versed in how to say: “I’ll meet you under the table” in Russian by a HarperCollins editor who shall remain nameless to protect her reputation.  That  tone continued when Ebony coerced me into letting my hair down on her blog that was posted yesterday. It’s a bit of a giggle and just pure fun – so drop in  and go in the draw for a copy of Almost Dead.

2) Jess Fitzpatrick – Never Ending BooshelfKaz launch w jess fitzpatrick

The gorgeous blogger/author/reviewer Jess Fitzpatrick and I met for the first time only a couple of weeks ago when she was a surprise guest at my book launch. She’s a complete sweetheart and a more passionate advocate of Australian women’s fiction you will be hard pressed to find.  Smart, savvy, informed and generous.  Today, she’s participating in the Australia Day Blog Hop and has books prizes on offer also by my great mate Lee Christine, who writes spine tingling Romantic Suspense, and Whitney EK,  author of the acclaimed ‘What happens In Ireland‘.  I think there are about 8 books on offer here! Chances galore! Please drop by and take a look. m/2014/01/25/australiadaybloghopgiveaway/

Jess also very kindly and unexpectedly blogged about the Book Launch of Almost Dead. And you’ll find her report here. For me, it was fascinating seeing it from a different perspective.

3) Karen TyrrellKaren Tyrrell BEST  457 KB-1

And don’t forget Karen Tyrrell, mental health advocate, and author of her latest book  Bailey Beat the Blah ,  who kicked off the Almost Dead Fest with her blog last Wednesday. There are still chances to win on her blog as well!

Sheesh! I feel like Santa Claus! This is fabulous!

4) There’s more happening tomorrow for Almost Dead with Sally Murphy!

Until then – I hope you’ll all be flat out like lizards drinking as you celebrate this day in  good old Aussie style.  Good on ya mates!

shutterstock lips Almost Dead


5 Responses

  1. Hi Kaz,
    FANTASTIC to be part of your Blog Tour. Your incredible book Almost Dead is still up for grabs until the 3rd Feb …
    Good luck everyone, Karen 🙂

  2. Thanks Karen! You’re doing a bonza job! (have to add some Aussie-isms for Australia Day!!) xxx

  3. From Jan:
    Good luck with ‘Almost Dead’, Kaz! I loved Dead Actually and I’m so looking forward to reading Almost Dead. I hope you get this, I’ve been having a few problems getting on!

  4. Thank you Jan! I gave you a bit of a helping hand, but you’re here! Good luck in the draws. xx

  5. It was so much fun to get together on the blog. We should do this more often 🙂

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