Wow – I’m being Immortalised in Clay!

Okay – maybe not me per se – but just as good.  My book! ‘Almost Dead’ will be immortalised in clay.  Well, an artist’s perception of the book will be immortalised in clay.  And that’s even more exciting. Almost Dead

Can you believe this? I’m so excited I want to jump and shout! Oh. That’s normal, right? Okay then, I want to jump and shout while swinging flaming batons! (And anyone who knows how clumsy I am will know that this is BIG because normally no one would ever put (myself included) me and anything flaming and swinging in the same room. So that will tell you how crazy excited I am: I’m even throwing caution to the wind! And probably my hair…)

So, what’s the deal?  Okay so, this clay/ceramic sculpture will be part of an exhibition called SUBTEXT. Here’s the media release.

” SUBTEX is a group exhibition celebrating the links between literature and the visual arts. It is a representation of concepts expressed in literature transposed into visual images through the fine arts. This is not a new idea. Historically we can trace the links between the two forms of expression, the language of the written word and visual representation. Perhaps the most prevalent has been images inspired by the Bible. The Divine Comedy has also inspired many including the famous works by Blake. Looking for new subjects the Pre-Raphaelites drew on Shakespeare, Keats and Tennyson while in contemporary times the appropriation of literature by postmodern artists often create a multi layered interpretation.

Newcastle has a rich cultural community. In this exhibition a group of thirteen professional artists from the area has taken the writings of a group of Newcastle authors to create a visual narrative in their respective art form.

Artists include Brett Alexander; Brian Cox; Jan Downes; Caroline Hale; Varelle Hardy; Ann-Maree Hunter; Barry Maitland; Margaret McBride; Giselle Penn; Sharon Taylor; Sharon Tompkins; Sylvia Ray and Sue Stewart.

The amazing Sue Stewart contacted me and announced she’d chosen my book, Almost Dead, for her work in the exhibition! I love Sue’s work. I’ve followed her for years and have several of her early pieces in my home.  I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. I know it involves a handbag and in fact she’s chosen one of my own – a hot pink leather Guess that I adore, as her inspiration. 

But the rest will rest in her very talented hands. This is truly such an honour and I simply can’t wait until March 27th and the exhibition opening.

Down a bit further is a peek  at some of her later works. Can you see why I’m excited?

Rosemarie MilsomThis exhibition will be running during the fantabulous  Newcastle Writer’s Festival (Apr 4-6) , now in its second year,  which will kick off with an official opening the next night by NWF Director, Rosemarie Milsom  (pictured left) on Friday 28th. What an amazing week for Newcastle! 

Now let’s take a peek at some of these Sue Stewart masterpieces. 

Sue Stewart 1 


Sue Stewart 4

Sue Stewart 3


2 Responses

  1. How fantastic Kez!!!!! Can’t wait to see what Sue creates!

  2. Thank you Kerry. I’m mega excited to see how she translates the work. Should be fun to see all the works, actually. It’s a brilliant idea. xxx

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