Launched! With photos!!!

What a great day I had last Saturday at the launch of ALMOST DEAD.

Big, big smoochy wet kisses to my beautiful family, especially my daughters Mel and Ree for getting us over the finish line. Having a launch right after Christmas is a bit tricky, as I found to my dismay – for starters a lot of places you need aren’t open when you need them!!!  So, instead of a leisurely stroll, we had a mad dash to get everything ready – but ready it  was!

Almost Dead

The amazing Rosemarie Milsom, senior journalist for the Newcastle Herald and Founder/Director of the Newcastle Writers Festival launched the book in humbling style. And my very, very cute cuz, Matt Endacott, the face and spokesperson for Revive Newcastle (among many other things) MCed brilliantly, and kept young hearts fluttering as he did so. They were a fabbo team and I felt very blessed. Rosemarie’s words made me cry – every author should hear things like that at least once in their lives…

Matt, Rosemarie Kaz launch

So many beautiful friends, author friends and family turned up to help us celebrate.

Caelan's birthday, Caelan and launch 029

The girl in the centre in the black and white striped skirt  (above) is the amazing Kylie Duncan, event manager of MacLeans Booksellers in Hamilton who worked tirelessly to help us out on the day and way, way before! Thanks Kyles!  Behind her are Rosemarie and Matt chatting prior to the formal part of the day.

Caelan's birthday, Caelan and launch 032


Caelan's birthday, Caelan and launch 030

Kaz launch queue

Kaz launch crowd overview

With  family (below) who travelled to share the day. Mwah xx

Kaz launch Redman women

The woman to whom Almost Dead is dedicated – my friend Suzanne on right. Without her kindness, I mightn’t have gotten this book done on time. Big loves! And to you Miss Bella! 

Kaz Suz Bella launch

We had loads of prizes and give-aways and honestly I had the best fun!   

Kaz prize table launch

Cake! Yummo! Good choosing and designing Ree!  

Kaz cake 4 launch

Cutting the cake… (Shades of Dame Barbara???  Snort…) 

Kaz cutting cake 5

With gorgeous blogger/author/ reviewer, Jess Fitzpatrick. 

Kaz launch w jess fitzpatrick

With Tracey Tiplady,  the Selfie Queen!

Kaz n Tracey launch

My heartfelt thanks to Julie Dunne and her team including Rachel and Gillian of Lake Macquarie Library Services for offering to host the event and did so in such grand style.    

Kaz launch kaz signing 6

Kaz launch signing 10

Celebrating after the event with family

kaz family launch lunch

The Bobster and I – tired but happy…

Bob & Kez launch

Thank you to everybody who gave their time and came along to help my family and I kick this book baby into the big wide world. I love this book and  I’m thrilled that so far readers have taken it to their hearts.  Big, big hugs to you all.  

shutterstock lips


6 Responses

  1. Congrats on the launch of Almost Dead – what a fab launch 🙂 You look fantastic, just stunning!

    Well done and enjoy every moment 🙂

  2. Thank you Joanne! It was such a great day. Wish you were closer and could have joined the fun! ❤ xxx

  3. Congratulations, Kaz, on the launch of “Almost Dead”. Sounds like your launch was awesome fun and a well deserved success.

    I’ll look out for your book and forward to reading it.

    Best, Chris

    • Thanks Chris! We DID have fun and fingers crossed we made a bit of a splash. Now comes the hard part… Making sure people know it’s out there and hopefully they’ll buy it! xxx It’s a tough life this writing gig! xxx

  4. Congrats on your book launch, Kaz/ Kerri. Can’t wait to launch your blog Tour tomorrow. I’m ready to ROCK! … Karen 🙂

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