New Cover! Almost Dead is Almost Live! Sort of…

It’s been way too long. I know… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: This year has allowed me to experiences some the highest highs and lowest lows of my life and career. And because of that, there’s sooo much I could say here – but this year is about to come a full circle for me in a few days – 9 to be exact – and I now just want to look ahead and celebrate the good stuff.

That good stuff kicks off with the cover on my new book due out in January! It’s a connected story to (ahem… award winning) ‘Dead, Actually’, and it’s entitled ‘Almost Dead’. Again it’s an Allen & Unwin  production and if you read ‘Dead, Actually’, you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that this is Macey’s story.

If you didn’t get to read Dead Actually – then fear not because it’s being re-released in January, right along side the new book. Cool????  You bet!!! Could it get any better? Not a chance!!! Double parties all round.

So… Drumroll Please!! Here it is – the very first public peek at ALMOST DEAD:



11 Responses

  1. So excited for you! Hope one of your highlights was meeting me-haha!

    Congratulations again. You are one of the hardest working people I know. You deserve all the awards in the world!

    Would you like me to forward this email to all our CBCA Newcastle friends?

    Kat xxx

  2. Aww Kat – you’re so sweet – Thank you. And yes, yes, meeting you has brightened my year more than you’ll ever know. You’re a beautiful girl and I love your enthusiasm. Your turn will be here soon! I just know it.

    I’d love you to share! Thank you again! Mwah (x 10).

  3. Congrats on the site, looks great.

  4. Double congrats, Kaz! That is such excellent news!

    • Thank you gorgeous Alli! I owe you an email. Last few days have been super, crazy busy – BUT – I began reading your email and then the imp I had on my knee smashed a chuggy little fist onto the keyboard and it disappeared. Totally. Can you resend???

      Love you for dropping by. I’ve been mega slack but intend to get myself together again. xxx

  5. Double congrats – how exciting!!!!!!

    Love the cover of Almost Dead 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be a terrific read….just like ‘Dead, Actually’ 🙂

    Cyber chocolates and champers are on their way to you 🙂

  6. congrats! it looks fantastic. you must be thrilled that Dead, Actually will be re-released alongside it. they will make a lovely pigeon pair on my bookshelf.

  7. HI Kaz, thanks so much for popping by to my blog LIfestyle Fifty today and commenting about my post on Anna Jacobs. That was so lovely of you 🙂 Well done on your new book, the sneak preview looks enticing. I hope it’s a huge success.

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