ARRA finalist! Wow!

ARRA member

One of the lovely things that happened in the past month or so that I haven’t gotten to share yet, is the brilliant and amazing news that Dead Actually finalled in the paranormal section of the ARRA  (Australian Romance Readers Association.)  I’m in truly awesome company – which makes it all the more exciting – and incredibly  humbling.

resized_9781742378183_224_297_FitSquareI can’t tell you what a great boost that gave me – nor what an amazingly, unbelievable surprise.  (Have I used enough adjectives and adverbs? No? I agree! Here comes more!)

Due to my workload here, I won’t make the awards dinner <sob>, but I do want to thank anybody who took the time to, first nominate  my book – and secondly for voting it a finalist.  Such a small gesture on your part – but such a wonderful gift for me.

It’s the only YA in a field of grown-up books, so it’s a bit of an uphill battle, but I’m proud, my agent is proud and my publishers are proud. We’re all  very, very excited to have made it this far.

And just quietly, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Thank you, thank you to ARRA, especially the hard working executive committee, who have guided a fledgling organisation to one of the classiest and most successful orgs in Australia.

Good luck to everybody who has finalled and if you’re lucky enough to be trekking up (or down) to Brisbane – have a whale of a time. Hugs.


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  1. Huge congratulations, Kerri, on your ARRA finalling. (Is that a word?) Thrilled for you and fingers, toes and everything crossed for you.
    Best wishes

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