It’s been a long hard road, but I’m back…

Tulips Hi everyone. So, it’s been a       while. It probably seems longer to me than it does to you – and that’s because the latter half of last year was possibly one of the  most difficult times of my life. In a wonderful twist, in a couple of ways, it was also one of the most joyous.

You know, I’ve known grief. I’ve lost people I was close to and traveled the rocky path that we call ‘family’ and endured the pain that inevitably comes with that particular joy. But, despite all that, nothing prepared me for the loss of my precious mum. It’s still a struggle every day, and I feel I’m only now beginning to find my feet again.

But life is wonderful in that even though they have thorns, the roses it offers are breathtaking.  Despite all the devastating pain, two wonderful things will always be associated with that time – and they make it impossible for the memories to be all bad. One was the birth of the most amazing little boy whom I believe was sent to remind us to smile – and he does so every day. As a family we are so grateful to have him.  The other was that I spent every day for eight weeks holding my mum’s hand. I’ll always be grateful for that.

On the work front, my next YA in the Dead series, with Allen & Unwin, has been pushed back to January 2014.   I’ve been working on the revisions, and trying to get back into the swing – something that’s been way harder than I expected.

I know I owe people prizes, which I will attend to as soon as I can.  I also hope to establish some regularity here again after I get back some of this back-load of work done. I have some nice little bits of news, so will probably post those soon.

To anyone I ignored in the past several months? Forgive me, and if it was important, give me another nudge.

Until then – enjoy every day; tell the people you love that you do. Don’t miss an opportunity. So, here I am – saying I love you. Hugs.


8 Responses

  1. What a journey, so good to hear you back on here.
    Looking forward to more updates.
    Keep smiling xx

  2. Hi Kaz,
    I know what it’s like to lose your mum, and I wish there was a direct phone line to the afterlife so we could just talk to them. Don’t even have to hug, just know they’re there.
    Glad to know you’re back into it. Can’t wait to read the next one.

    • Hey Nat – I suspect I owe you a trillion messages/emails. That direct phone would be the best. Every day I think of things I want to ask her/tell her. And yet we spoke every day even before she got sick. And through all that time, there are still things I need her to tell me.

      Hugs to you too, baby. It’s worse for you because your babies are still just that. I know I was lucky.

      I hope all is going well for you? We need to catch up!
      Hugs. xxx

  3. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum 😦 I can’t imagine how hard it’s been for you, I’m sending you a big hug!

    Perhaps you can do something to remember your mum by for example, plant a rose tree so you enjoy some beautiful flowers and think of mum.

    Congrats on the little ray of sunshine that you have been blessed with. Enjoy every cuddle because as you know they grow up too quick.

    Thinking of you x

    • Hey Jo – you know I always love seeing your smiling image come up! Always cheers me. Thank you for the hug – and thank you for the lovely thoughts. Although I’m scared that if I planted a rose I’d kill it – and that would be horrid! 😉 But I do have some lovely lush tropical plants (the hardy ones!), so perhaps something like that?

      And yes, my beautiful boy is such a joy. I certainly do enjoy every cuddle and I make sure there are plenty and often. Thank you sweetheart.

  4. Glad that you are back and getting back into things. Take it easy. 🙂

  5. Thanks Suz! Lovely to hear from you. Not much time to take it easy, but have promised myself a little bit of R&R in he mountains a bit later on. It’s the carrot dangling in front of the reluctant donkey. 😉 Will I see you at the Newcastle Festival? Hope so!

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