Amazing Shoes and “Dead, Actually” Book Give-away. It doesn’t get better. (Unless there’s ice cream???)

So, it’s no secret I love shoes. The sparklier, the less practical, the more they draw me. So, while I can’t say that it was a conscious decision to have a stiletto shoe as a continuing motif through Dead, Actually’ – I feel quite strongly that it was probably prompted by that subconscious fascination with (often) totally inappropriate footwear. Though, maybe not quite as inappropriate as those on the left… 

So, in honour of that shoe motif and in honour of shoe freaks, like me, everywhere, today I’m going to share some of the craziest shoes I’ve ever seen. I first saw some of these on my friend Maree Anderson blog ages and ages ago, so I have to pay homage to her for prompting me to go searching for more. Big Mexican Waves, Maree! Tsunami sized!

Today also marks the final day of Release Week for me. We’ve got heaps coming up – like blog tours and more fabbo comps, and I’ll be giving you the skinny on those as there are some delish prizes to be won. Sterling silver/Swarovski crystal bracelets (Yes!!)  Books (Thank you A&U), BE make-up sets. Handbags – yes(!) gorgeous Juicy Couture handbags. If you’ve read the book you get the reference.

All things girly and fitting for the upmarket stars of Dead, Actually – Willow, JoJo, Macey et al. But for just a little while,  we end the daily prize grab. That said, there are always monthly prizes on this blog – so it’s kinda always party time.

Today’s give-away is a copy of Dead, Actually courtesy of Allen & Unwin PLUS a gorgeous sparkly stiletto that you can use as a bag tag, a Chrissie dec or just something to hang and drool over. I ah-dor it!!

BTW – the mugs arrived! So, I’ll be checking on that winner in a mo


We’re also doing something a bit different today – and I’m blatantly stealing this idea from my friend Peter Taylor! He totally conned me into signing up as a follower of his blog today – and I loved it!

Okay – so you don’t have to allow yourself to be conned or tricked or be persuaded by any of those or other semi-illegal methods – but if you DO decided to play along, I promise you’ll be mentioned in my will. Promise…Pinky swear…

Here’s the skinny: To be in the draw, you only ever need to come and say hi. Or you could tell me which pair of shoes here is the weirdest. That will get you into the draw. How could you get TWO chances in the draw? Sign up for my blog! And that’s whether you comment or not!

“Peter Taylor you’re either a genius or a Kamikaze Pilot!”

Why? ‘Cos you’ll all either join the fun in the spirit it’s intended; ignore me and drop in occasionally anyway – or you’ll go running off and never speak to me again. Eek! Sob!  Please don’t let it be the latter. I don’t handle rejection…

Okay, so I’ll stop blathering and deliver my promise of more crazy shoes. Enjoy! (Note: I tried to get designer names for these shoes but failed for most.  The cage shoes are by Polly Verity. The hoof-feet *could* be by Iris Schieferstein because I found some that were very similar. Many designs are by Kobi Levi (also at) who designed those double boots for Lady Gaga.

Get it? It's a shoe stuck in gum. The pink heel is the stretched gum.

Horse's hooves? Homage to cloven-animalia?

Lunch on the run?Sorry, couldn't resist...

Have to admit - these are totally weird but totally gorgeous...


5 Responses

  1. hahaha what a good for me i rather joggers so i can make a quick get away.. totally loving the book ..i just love the way you write its laugh out loud stuff…omg i do hope its meant to be funny..keep at it i hope i live long enough for your ‘Gone with the Wind’

  2. LOL! Yes, Leah – it’s meant to be funny! What a fabulous post – YOU made me laugh out loud!

    I hope to get you book & glasses in the mail tomorrow – and with luck you’ll have it Thursday. It would have been in, but Mel’s youngest has asthma the poor little mite is here with me, which makes it a bit harder for me to get out.

    And aren’t those shoes a riot! Can you imagine standing (let along walking!) in those ones that have a nail as the heel? And no actual shoe (The double shoe shot – 2 different designs in the one pic).. Makes me cry in pain just to look at them! That model wasn’t paid nearly enough!

    Thanks as always for your absolutely amazing support. xxx

  3. dont knock yourself out doing the post thing hun , i have the rest of my life so iam never in a hurry..hope the small one improves quickly..nanas have the best magic healing powers xxx

  4. OMG, the dog shoes… those are just… wrong, LOL!

    Hey, congrats on the fab new release, Kerri — hope it’s a raging success for you. Muwah!

  5. I have to confess that I find walking in stilettos somewhat of a challenge…but I’d be giving those teacup shoes an airing at every opportunity! Fab pics, Kaz.

    And I’m delighted to say that I finally grabbed a couple of copies of Dead, Actually from Big W — yay! Unfortunately, didn’t have a camera on me at the time, though, so no pics, but looking forward to curling up and devouring Willow’s story.

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