Spotto! More Sightings! UFOs? No! ‘Dead, Actuallys’!

So, it’s almost the end of RELEASE WEEK and with promotion, planning a launch party, trying to get the next book written – and juggling the day job, life is pretty crazy. Which could be the reason I’m taking an easy way out today – and simply posting some sighting photeys.

And one is even mine because this weekend I finally got to sneak out for a peak at Dead on the shelves!

Mt Hutton NSW

And how exciting was it to find only ONE left at my local Big W.  Well, there were two but after we’d taken the photo and then made one more pass-by, there was only one! (Do you know how tempted I was to search every trolley and offer an autograph??? I had to be forcibly removed from the store for demanding bag searches!! )

But back to the sighting – even better, Dead, Actually, (also available as an e-book)  was on a centre aisle stand, which was very cool, but I wasn’t exactly sure of the placement near men’s underwear???

Added to that there have been two more shots sent in. One from Woden in the ACT and on from Penrith NSW.

And here they are!

This Woden shot was sent in by the gorgey AJ Macpherson

Woden ACT

and I was so excited but just a tad worried. I’m not paranoid. Much. But, unlike the other shots that have been sent, if you look closely, Woden seems to have  PILE of books left! No! No! No! Woden people! That’s not how we do it!  We must get them OFF the shelves, so everybody listen up:

People of Woden: Should you choose to accept it, THIS is your mission. And that is to get people, by fair means or foul, to buy that book. Use force if you have to.

If you keep the end in sight this will be far less painful for everybody. Got it?

Now, on the other hand,  the Penrith people seem to have nailed the drill.  When Paula Roe was there on Saturday, they didn’t have many copies left at all! Maybe that was because she bought them all, but that’s completely beside the point.  Completely…

Paula & stash @ Penrith

So anyhoo, what are we giving away today? Well – it’s a mug full of choccies but you’ll have imagine the choccies in the mug because the mug hasn’t arrived yet!! They tell me today – so fingers crossed. However, here’s what it will look like – but full of choccies!  And I’m sure there’ll be some other things to fatten the kitty – like a gorgeous Dead, Actually lipstick pen…

This mug, of course, is a numbered mug from the House of Delaney and will one day be worth a squillion… Trust me on that. Do you really want to risk not being in the draw to win what could one day be your self-funded retirement nest egg? 

And how do you actually get into said draw?

Simply pop in and say hi. It’s that’s simple. Tomorrow there’s a copy of the actual book, ‘Dead, Actually’ up for grabs, and we’ll be talking about a serious topic close to my hearty. Shoes. See you there? I hope so!


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kaz
    Mega congratulations on the launch of your gorgeous new book “Dead Actually”. Looks like it’s winging off the shelves. And so great to see it selling from bookstores to Big W and the fantastic full page promo in Girlfriend. Go you! Enjoy this brilliant, buzzing week.
    Best wishes and hugs

  2. And we don’t have Big W in Launceston. Sob! While I did happen to be in the city today did not get a chance to visit bookshops – or KMart.
    and I can’t help remember those years we shared in our small group. Am so proud of you!
    Congratulations, Kaz. Love the cover.

    • Thank you Mary! What a beautiful message! Brought tears to my eyes. Yes – all those meetings – and all those years! They were a joy and filled with the most precious memories.

      Thanks to for the words on the cover. I am truly blessed there. I think it’s one reason the booksellers have been so confident – so fingers crossed we’re all correct about that, and that it makes buyers pick it up.

      Hugs across the sea, Mary. And hugs to Ray. xx

  3. Hey Chris! It;s always so lovely to see you here! Thanks for all your brilliant support – it’s been so hectic that I’m not sure I’ve gotten around to thanking you!

    It ‘has’ been a huge buzz though… I’d love it to continue and I hope Dead continues to sell – but I also need time to write!!! LOL.

    We writers are never satisfied.

    Hugs back, Kaz xx

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