Yet another winner and ‘what’s in a name?’

Day 5 of the Let me beat you over the head with ‘Dead, Actually’ Tour’!  

Are you feeling beaten? Bashed? Bruised? No? Ha! I take that as a challenge…

Okay – let’s dive straight in today with the Day2/3 winner announcement.  Dada…

Cue the drum roll …

And the winner is…


Leah, I have to say it was Bobby’s sticky fingers that plundered the Smartie bowl this time – and you were the one he couldn’t shake. Yay!  Email me with your street addy deets  (or FB message me) and before you can recite the entire first edition volume of War & Peace without any mistakes – a sparkly new signed copy of Dead Actually PLUS the cutest pair of red heart-shaped sunnies, will be fluttering your way! ( I want photos!!) Yay! Thank you for hanging around all week! 

So, today’s prize… I thought long and hard about this – and it’s a gorgeous sparkly pink bag filled with SO perfume products. In fact this particular fragrance is called “So ETERNAL”. Hmmn – if we’re talking ghosts who just won’t quit and go away? Baby  – that’s SO ETERNAL to me!  It’s  yummy prize; I just love it…

Drill? If you’d like to go in the draw – just wave – and leave a message – OR – perhaps you’d like to comment on your fave character’s name.

 I’m in the midst of plotting the third book and I can see my hero quite clearly and he is  very  c-u-t-e… Very different to gorgeous, heart-melting Seth. Very different to meltingly hot and broody Finn of Almost Dead.  This guy is cute. Playful.  Twinkly eyes that always look they’re they’re sharing a joke with you?  Oh, be still my heart…

Anyway – this guy is to be very definitely a  ‘Charlie’. Upmarket guy, but grounded. It’s a cool, trendy name that brings some history with it. I like it.

However, my friend and crit partner, Heather, pooh-poohed it. So what to do? For what it’s worth at the mo, I’m sticking with it – because he’s so ‘Charlie all over’  to me.  My arguments for doing so? Any name can be cool – it depends on who it’s hung on. Look at Edward from Twilight. Edward? Really? Nothing wrong with the name per se – but honestly, are we talking hot hero names here? Really?

Edward from Twlight

Yet, Steph Meyer created one of the most lusted after heroes of recent times.

To prove my point, let’s flip to another Edward who features in  a perennial fave movie of mine – and one that has something of a cult following. (Or is that just in my house???)

Of what do I speak? “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” (NLCV) of course  – and the unforgettable ‘Cousin Eddie’.

Cousin Eddie

To coin a popular advert phrase: ‘let’s compare the pair’. Edward of T/L fame? And Cousin Eddie of  NLCV.

Both Edwards, right?

No contest.

I rest my case.  It’s all in the creation of the character. So, until my agent or editors tell me different, my next hero will be Charlie.  And I love him already.

So, what’s your fave character name and is there a name you came to love because of that character? If there’s no one – just pop in and say hi and you’ll be in the draw!

Till then – thank you again for your support! I love you!


12 Responses

  1. LOVE the name Charlie. Am writing a hero with that name at the moment (although he’s a reluctant Charlie, he’d rather Charles – ha, show HIM!!)…. it’s making a resurgence!! Seth and Finn are great too.

    Would never have thought a character called Four could be hot but thanks to Divergent, it happened for me!

    • Hi Beck!

      Oooh – you have a Charlie too! See? I knew it was a cool name. I don’t mine likes being called ‘Charles’, but a hero who does intrigues me.

      I hope your Charlie behaves!

      And I’m chortling at ‘Four’! But it’s true – if the character is well drawn – then they can carry off any name. I love it! Four…

      Thank you so much for dropping by, I really appreciate it! You’re in the draw.

  2. OH Wow thank you thank you thank you ….the glasses will be worn in the Mothers Day breast cancer fun walk, i will look so damm cool..after being disappointed yesterday not finding your book on the shelves in Target and having to be restrained from seeking out the manger its just gold to come in here today …
    sorry for the lovely people who missed out …hahaha no im not
    thanks Bob just love your sticky fingers
    thanks hun love ya heaps
    (Big Bear Hugs ) BBH xx

    • Leah, I think that’s one of the nicest responses I’ve ever had a gift I’ve given away here – and it really touched me.

      Though a part of me is kinda pleased the manager at Target is still in one piece. No one seems to have spied one in a Target store, so methinks they decided not to come to my party… Never mind. Next time they’ll be begging, right? LOL.

      Yeah. I can dream…

      Bob sends hugs backatcha.

      Enjoy the book and I can’t wait for photos of you in the glasses. Take lots of care, honey.

  3. Hey Kaz! Yet more proof we’re pack-sisters! I have both a Charlie and and Edward (Teddy) in my Jane Austen adaptation. Plus I LOVE National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Did you know that on the credits it says it was set partly in my Colorado town of Breckenridge? Interesting because I didn’t recognise any of it, except the Wallmart they end up taboganning into – and that’s in a town down the road. Odd. Odd movie. But fantastic characters. Love Chevvy Chase’s Griswald, such a cock-eyed optimist! Hey, and those glasses on your book? I have a pic somewhere of my son wearing a pair and looking rather dashing. (he was 3 at the time) 🙂
    keep on writing Hon!

    • Thanks CC! And as to the Breck reference in the credits of NLCV? EVERY time I see them roll by I say, ‘My friends have a house there!!!’

      Yep, one of those painful people who have to live vicariously through their friends who have much more interesting lives… LOL.

      And yes!! Charlie! I am soooo staying with Charlie now.

      Love the glasses – such a hoot. Sure Jock must have looked very cute.

      I have some black sparky ones, and some red and also some white which I think are VERY Marilyn. Love them.

      Thanks for dropping in! Hopefully we’ll catch up on the GC soon!

  4. Hi Kaz – chiming in late here but I wanted to say I saw the book at my BIg W store. I didn’t have my phone or a camera! Mwwwaaahhh. But I picked up a copy and blew a kiss to the rest.

  5. Uncle Eddie Rocks! That movie’s awesome!

    Hope the books flies, Kaz.

    • Mitchell – can’t argue with you there! One of my faves. We have a ritual – we watch is every Christmas, and drink Egg Nog and eat Christmas cake!

      We even drink the Nog out of moose glasses!

      Thanks for the good wishes!

  6. Hi Kaz,
    What a fabulous book tour!
    I’m so excited for you and your brand new book.
    WoW! Awesome that your book was promoted in Girlfriend mag and Big W catalogue!
    I wish you every success… Karen 🙂

  7. Thanks Karen! Did you mean the Sally/Sonia book tour over at the Kerri site? (

    My own tour for DA starts soon!

    Glad you’re back on Australian soil all safe and sound – and good luck as you wind down for the release of Me & Her: A Memoir.

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