Winner from Monday and… Drum Roll: SIGHTINGS!!

OMG  – I think I know how UFO-ers feel! Hanging out for sightings and needing photographic evidence to prove that ‘it’ really exists. ‘It’ of course being the book I am relentlessly promoting during release week! LOL. Yes – Release Week for DEAD, ACTUALLY ! !  

But first – we have our first daily winner! 


The  Winner of the Gorgey Sparkly Bookmark is


Ms Imelda !!! 

 Oooohhh – so exciting!  Email with your street addy Imelda so I can sent this little baby winging your way!

I just want all to know that this draw was conducted indiscriminately and under the strict conditions of all lottery draws. First the remaining Smarties were removed from the bowl and then the names dropped in. Whichever scrap of paper stuck to my chocolately fingers was the winner! Worked a treat.

And now for…


Big W store, Charlestown NSW

This first sighting was phoned through by one of my daughters. Thank you Lis! I got a cryptic message that just said, check your mobile.  So, excited! ‘It’ DOES exist!

Dymocks, Collins Street, Melbourne

This shot was sent in by the gorgeous Stephanie from Melbourne who runs the fabulous My Girl Friday Blog Spot that is devoted to great books.

I am so grateful guys!  Thank you! And while it’s not a photo, this news is just as good. My beatiful friend Sandii who resides in Southern California, trawled the net to find copies available at Dymocks in Sydney. Her poor husband has flown out here JUST to pick it up and take it to her. Okay – well, maybe there was some other minor reason he was out here – but I’m SURE the real reason was simply to get a copy of DEAD.

So – to TODAY’s PRIZE!!!!!

Gold Bouillon anyone?

The gals in this book live the high life.  They live a life of total ‘lux. And even better? The ‘rents are footing the bills!

So, when I found these fabulous gold bouillon gifts, I knew they were perfect as give-aways.

So, what is there? A gorgey gold bouillon-shaped manicure set – complete with gold sparkly emery board! Sigh! Die!  Added to that there is an amazing gold bouillon-shaped keyring/handbag dangler – which also features the cutest little sparkly stiletto!

Totally ritz!

Ooh! duh! Smacks forehead! And I forgot – there’s some gorgeous nail polish to go with that manicure set!  Fuschia pink. So, So hot… Sceptical? Don’t just take my word for it. JoJo was wearing it.  ‘Nuff said.

How do you go in the draw? By now you know the drill, right? Say hi! Carve your name in lip-gloss.  An X marked out with your fave hot smoky eye-liner pencil?

This time you don’t even have to answer a quessie! It’s true. I am TOTALLy too good to you…

Tomorrow we’ll announce the winner of the first book and sunnies set. So, don’t forget to check back in.

And, also – don’t forget to leave your message! You gotta be in it to win it!

Love you and thank you!!


7 Responses

  1. yay ..big congratulations to the winners ..its lovely of you to spread the gloss Kerri they are going to love their prizes….Bling Bling
    hugs xxx

  2. Thank you Leah! I think you get the No 1 Supporters Jersey!

    I think I’ll have to have one made up for you!! LOL

    Love you!


  3. Hey sweetie! Just dropped by to say a big, huge congratulations and I am so very proud of you 😀 I’ll be sending a sighting your way on Saturday from my local Big W (Target didn’t have it when I checked today – shame on them!)

    • Thank you Paula! Don’t forget to check out the back of the book when you get your copy… Around page 300.

      And whee on a potential new sighting! Thank you!!

      And yes! Shame on Target! They weren’t in my store either. I’m barring them! LOL.

      Thanks gorgeous!

  4. oooh, how exciting! I will email you and gleefully await my bling! Sadly, don’t have photo yet. We have been a plague ship here this week and I just haven’t got to a book-vending shop! Will do so asap!

    Thanks so much!


  5. LOL! You’re welcome Imelda! Was very excited to see your name come out of the Smartie bowl!

    And ooh again – thank you for the promise of a sighting photo! Think I’ll start a gallery.

    Hoping to actually see one myself today! You know, I haven’t yet seen the book in a store? Today will be the day!!!

    Hugs on the plague and I hope it doesn’t take a fire to extinguish it. Not that you’d have any luck getting anything to burn in this damp weather!

    Will get your prize away asap.

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