Dead Give-away… Pun intended

Status update: ‘Dead, Actually’ is not only featured in Girlfriend mag but is advertised in the Big W catalogue. And it’s, like, almost half price!!!

What a blur today has been. So here I am – at almost halfway through the day trying to get today’s blog post up! Yesterday was crazy and I apologise for letting everyone down. Meetings with booksellers in the morning and then a full afternoon – till we got back home at 9 last night –

Tim and Maddie - aka JoJo - at work.

at a fabulous photo shoot for some promo for Dead, Actually.

The amazing Tim Clack was the photographer and our brilliant model was 14 year old Maddie who was as gorgeous as she was easy to work with. She was channelling  the JoJo, Dead, Actually’s resident ghost and all-round nasty gal. Trust me – this was one time when the model/actress was NOT typecast. Maddie couldn’t be more different in nature to snarky JoJo. Which made the results even more amazing.

Big shout out to her 12 year old sister Steph, who doubled as a fabbo props person. Her enthusiasm was contagious and kept us all in high spirits.  Older sister Cait was bogged down with study, but her gentle warmth and welcoming attitude added to the sense of a successful day on so many levels.

So, this is supposed to be day 2 of the ‘Let’s get Dead, Actually‘ out into the world’ campaign.  And I’m so excited to have so many of you along for the ride. However, it’s actually Day 3, so I guess today’s prizes have to be twofold!

So, today the give-away is the actual book! Yep, I’m allowing one copy to be wrenched from my reluctant hands. It’s not that I don’t want to share. I honestly do. It’s just that this is like giving my baby away and …  I know you’ll take care of it. Feed it. Love it… Though I must advise that bathing it is not really recommended.

Anyway, if you’d like the chance to get your mitts and peepers on a copy of Dead, Actually – plus a pair of the red, heart-shaped sunnies that feature on the cover – then it’s pretty easy to enter.

Like Monday, simply say hi. Or if you have the time or inclination, you might just like to share who you think is the nastiest heroine you’ve ever encountered. Movie, book, cartoon or whatever. Who is the one you think takes the prize? Cruella De Vil? She’s up there for me.

And just in case you missed it? Here’s Paula Roe’s photey of  the ad in the Big W catalogue. What’s that you say? Self-obsessed? Me?

Okay guilty as charged. But forgive for just this week? Month…? Year…?

In good company, I'd say!

Don’t forget the prizes! And thank you, thank you for your support!


14 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Kerri! Will be purchasing my very own copy once I step out of my pyjamas, shower, and venture out into the real world!

  2. weird…you stumped me with the nastiest heroine bit ..iam thinking how can a heroine be nasty..she wouldnt be a heroine.
    i grabbed my Kindle to read your “dead Actually’ after having downloaded the other night and not having had a chance to start it.. up came Chapter 13 What!!!
    it has taken me ages to work out how to get to the beginning .now iam ready to go .
    was that Jo Jo ??? is she a nasty heroine ? she messed with my e reader lol

    • Oh Leah! You called me on the big boo boo!!! Of course she’s not a heroine if she’s the nasty gal! That’s what I get for posting before my brain engaged. Sheesh!

      So yeah – basically who’s the nastiest character?

      And JoJo? Honey – she’s a whiz at complicating people’s lives with electronics – so yep! Definitely her influence! LOL.

      Thank you for being here. It means a heap.

      • Chapter 2 now and totally loving it ….you write the way i love to read with a smile on my face and a giggle spilling out .
        Gees way back all those years ago i had no idea you where such a brain thought you just a pretty thing LOL babe ya got it all ..hugs

  3. Ooh, nastiest heroine… JoJo is wonderful with her nasty snarky narcissism (try saying that three times fast!). But…for sheer chutzpah immorality it’s awfully hard to go past Becky Sharp from Vanity Fair.

    Went looking for Dead, Actually today – wanted to take a photo! But the book is yet to make it to my nearest shopping centre…though there will be big cheers when it does. 🙂

    • Becky Sharp! Good call! And here’s me stuck on Disney!! LOL.

      Sob on not being able to find Dead. I know! I know! Only consolation is that Janine from Unleash at Westfield did site it being out of stock at the warehouse as the cause.

      Which means it’s sitting in bookstores ‘somewhere’ waiting to be snatched up! Oh please, fingers crossed that there are plenty of snatchers out there!

      Thanks Michelle! Lovely to see you here.

  4. Oh, big hugs on being featured in the BigW catalogue. How perfectly Dead, Actually fits there!

    I do believe I will have to go a-bookstalking…

    Nastiest heroine? Surely that has to be Glenn Close’s evil bunny boiler in Fatal Attraction. Although the jealous dancer who dobbed on Christian and Satine in Moulin Rouge was a mean piece of work too. And I recently finished Rebecca James’ Beautiful Malice, so can’t leave Alice off the list either. Nasty, nasty!

    Have fun, Kerri!

    • Such great evil characters, Catherine! You know, I hadn’t thought this through deeply before I posted the blog, and in a way I’m glad I didn’t because these insights are fascinating. Loving them…

      And thank you for the congrats on the BIG W catalogue. Such a huge buzz. And such a shame the catalogue becomes redundant on Sunday!!! So fleeting! LOl. I vote for month long catalogues. Year long???

      Thank you honey!

      K xx

      • Oh, I know the feeling! I did the same when Promises hit the BigW catalogue. I kept hunting for another show but sadly it was not to be. Month long catalogues definitely has my vote, but only when our own books appear!

  5. I love hanging out at Big W waiting to see familiar names on the shelf! I’ve just watched the trailer for Dead Actually – awesome! Can’t wait to read it, Kerri 🙂

  6. Thank you Juanita!

    A&U made the trailer and it’s such fun. Maybe I’ve over-watched it, but you know when you get a tune stuck in your head? Well that tune is there with me ALL the time…

    I remember when the sitcom Friends became a hit, Courtney Cox got razzed for being uncool for playing the theme song out loud as she zoomed around LA in her convertible.

    I always thought that was sad as she was obviously thrilled they had a hit show – so why not support that? But still, every time I watch the trailer, I hear the echoes of those taunts and I feel I should be watching in a closet lest I also be called ‘uncool’!!! Oh the shame! LOL.

    Thanks Juanita – and again congrats on your sale news! I hope you have a ball!

  7. I just saw Dead, Actually in the A&U e-newsletter. How cool!

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