Release Day – Prizes and Fun!

It's Live!

Today’s the Day!! Big celebs; big par-tays, big hair, big smiles and big bowls of Smarties!  Whatever I’m doing today will be BIG. Today, February 27th to be exact, is the day that Dead, Actually hits book stands all over Australia. I’m about to go out hunting it down; to wish it well and tell it to perform and behave. No scrap that. I don’t care if it doesn’t behave – I want it to stand out!

And I’ll be taking photos! And it would be such fun if you could play along with me? Let’s play SPOTTO!

Here’s the 411: if you see Dead Actually anywhere on the shelves and you’re able to catch that on camera, please send it in and we’ll post it here!  I’m happy to run this game indefinitely, <g>  but we’ll at least be doing it for this debut month. All contributors will go into the draw for a fabbo prize fit for a gal who knows she’s special and deserving…

But wait there’s more. Every day this week there will be a prize. It’s my way of saying thank you, I love you and I love that you’re helping me celebrate.  All you have to do is leave a comment. Easy!

Today’s prize?  It sparkles and glitters – and it’s useful. OMG – I’m in love. It’s the most gorgeous silver-coated book mark that is topped with a heart of diamentes. And of course we’ll throw in some choccies and some swag!

Please just drop in and say hi, or if you’d rather, tell me if you’ve ever seen a ghost. A real live – or is that dead(?) – ghost. In Dead, Actually, Willow has a resident one:  JoJo.  A totally difficult, demanding, bitchy ghost who is making Willow’s life a misery. Understandably the first time she ‘saw’ JoJo she completely freaked out.

                The road to insanity takes twelve minutes. I’ve timed it.    

               That’s how long it took for me to get from Pete’s to my house, charge up the  stairs and dive into my room. Twelve minutes before the first strangled scream was ripped from my throat.         

          Contrary to popular belief, the air in hell is freezing – because surely that’s where I’d somehow landed.  My breath caught; my heart jerked…              

         My body froze.             

        My brain shut down.       

        I clutched at the doorframe.

       But still she stared at me.

       Her… A dead person. In my room.

      Let me clarify: not a body, a dead person.

      An already-buried dead person.

      Call me naive, but never once had I asked myself what I’d do if ever I found a dead person in my bedroom. Or anywhere for that matter.

      Now I knew. Scream and bolt.

       Which I did. I bolted straight out of that room and was halfway back down the stairs before I realised that I was being crazy; that buried dead people cannot just turn up in your room. That JoJo was an illusion; she wasn’t real.        

        Still, I didn’t barge back in, I kind of slid my head around the  door, ready to run again if I had to.  

      “Are you through playing hide and seek?” JoJo’s bored voice reached over and froze me to the spot. “If you are, perhaps you could come in and tell me what I’m doing here.”    

     I shook my head and remained right where I was. “You’re not real. You don’t exist. I’m just seeing things.”  This had to be a stress-induced hallucination.  

   She flicked imaginary lint – oh wait, this was my house, it was probably real lint – off her hot pink top and frowned at me like I was lower on the food chain that the dust she was picking off herself. I was still staring. I recognised that top. She’d been wearing it that last day…

 Willow coped pretty well, really. But then it helps of the dead person insists on giving you a hard time, and trust me, it gets bad.

 I have to say I’m a sucker for ghost stories. Love them… Have you ever seen a ghost? Do you believe in them?  What do you think you’d do if you saw one?

Please drop in and say hi. I’d love, love to celebrate this special time with you. Don’t forget the week is full of prizes.

Oh – and in case you missed the book trailer? Enjoy!


24 Responses

  1. Oh honey I’m so excited for you and I actually can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and buy it off the target shelf. And I promise if it’s not in a good position I’ll move it for you! Lol

  2. Thank you honey! And I ‘got’ what you meant! LOL!

    And oh wow! It pays to have friends in VERY high places!!! Friends who can position stock? I’m in awe and will honour you as the goddess you are – forever…

    How lucky am I??? Thank you! 🙂

    Thanks for helping party and being such a beautiful person.
    Hugs! xxxxx

    • Hi Kaz.
      I hope you remember me. We met when you were nursing back in the day.
      (Remember the kitchen table, Vic)
      Hope you reply. Love to catch up, as I am sure you would too.

  3. yayyy Big day..cant wait to get my copy will have it waiting for you to sign when i see you ..Congratulations hun so proud of you xxx

  4. Hey Kaz,

    I just downloaded it from Amazon so it’s qued to be read. Again can’t help but feel excited for you. Go girl!

  5. if i get it through Kindle ?…i have a e reader…but i still want a book to hold lol

  6. ok so you want to know if i have seen a ghost..only i dont call them ghosts i call them Angels..first time i ever saw one was at the end of my 6yo daughters bed ..2 weeks later she was diagnosed with Diabetes and was slipping into a coma ..i wasnt worried i just knew somehow she would be ok.
    last time was a couple of months ago at the Care facility i was walking pass a woman ‘s room , i saw a light where no light should have been ,i entered as she reached out and spoke to the wall ..this woman could no longer talk or move she was in end stage of life..i held her hand and sat with her for a while i knew i wouldnt see her next time i came to the nursing home ..she passed away 40 mins later with me still holding her hand ..all the ghosts/Angels i have come across have be all been friendly ..maybe thats because i only want to see the good ..At the nursing Home they called me Angel because i wore a lanyard with it written on it for my ID ..i wasnt the Angel but i do see them ..why….just lucky i guess .

    • Leah – I saw your FB message! You have ‘Dead’ on Kindle! Yay!

      Thank you!

      Love ya! xx

    • I love your angel story Leah. Just beautiful. That lady was very lucky to have you there.

      I’ve seen two ghosts. One good and one not so good that still freaks me out. I don’t like talking about that one. But the other was very like your experience and while at the time I thought I may have been imagining things, my daughter Melissa innocently confirmed the fact the next morning…

      I was in bed and restless. Way after midnight. Couldn’t sleep. A brightish light suddenly appeared beside me and it gave me a terrible fright. Woke me completely and I yelped out loud. In the light hovered a lady. She wasn’t sad, she was just there. Anyway, when I yelped she disappeared – leaving me sweating and heart thumping and by that stage TOTALLY unable to go back to sleep.
      Eventually I convinced myself I’d imagined everything and tried to go to sleep.

      Next morning, my daughter who was an older teenager at the time, mentioned the night before. She’d been studying and wasn’t properly asleep. From where her bed was positioned in her room she could make out the hallway that lead to our bedroom. She said she heard me yelp and looking up – she saw the light streaming into the hall from our room. She started to get out of bed to come and check on me, but she said the light went out again quickly, and as her father was there with me, she figured everything was okay.

      The thing was, I’d never turned on any light, which meant we’d both seen it… Chills.

      Thanks for sharing, Leah! Maybe that was a visit from an angel? Hugs!

  7. Happy release day, Kez!!! I’m so excited for you. That first line gave me a huge giggle. I can’t wait to track the book down in the shops.

    I’m a big believer in ghosts. We apparently share our home with two spirits. We even had a ghostly guest our wedding in Savannah, Georgia, which I might add is allegedly one of America’s most haunted cities.

    • Thank you Vanessa! A ghost at your wedding? How wonderful! At least that was one guest who wouldn’t eat or drink much!

      I have to say you lead such an amazing life… And all that richness will be poured into your books. Added to your talent that’s gotta make you a winner.

      Hugs honey and thank you for helping me celebrate.

  8. Hi Kaz,
    Mega congratulations on the book release. It sounds fab! I LOVE a good ghost story and Jo-Jo sounds like my kind of ghost!

    Bestest xx
    Chris Taylor

    • Chris, you are such a gift! Thank you for your beautiful wishes.

      I hope you have fun reading about JoJo – she can be a handful! LOL.

      Take care, sweetheart and thank you for helping me celebrate.

  9. this sounds so much fun, Kaz! As soon as I can get out I’m going to buy a copy for my girl. i want to buy it from a shop, not online, partly because I can’t wait for shipping, but also because I want to take a photo! Hope it goes like the hottest of hot cakes!

    • Imelda – you are such a gem. And a damned great singer! LOL.

      And yay on taking the photo! I’m hoping to have some of my own tomorrow!

      I hope your girl has fun with ‘Dead, Actually’, I’m eternally grateful for your support.

  10. Happy release day, Kaz! Chuck the streamers around, set out the punch, blow those annoying party horns!!! DEAD, ACTUALLY is finally out there in the big wide world!
    Here’s to some great sales, my friend! I hope you’ve enjoyed release day, now hitch up those dacks and begin the roller coaster ride that is your promo tour! 🙂

    • LOL – thank you Kylie! Huge of you to come by when you’re crazily promo-ing your own fabbo new title VENGEANCE BORN!

      If you guys want to check out the hottest paranormal around – head on over to :

      Okay now back to me… LOL.
      Thank you again Kylie – mucho excitement. Can hardly find time to breathe. But my book’s out – so who needs a mere incidental like oxygen. Right?


  11. Release day. Wahoo. I’m bummed that I’m not opening a bottle of champers with you or are able to race down to my local book store and get my hands on your book. However, my trusty husband who is in Australia this week is going to buy a copy. Dead, Actually will soon be in Southern California. Big bombs of Yay!!!!!

    Best wishes for a wonderful release date.
    Sandii xxxx

    • Sandii, you beautiful, beautiful girl.

      Here’s the plan: Crack that bottle tonight and I will too – and we’ll toast each other. Okay? It won’t be nearly as good but it’ll have to do until you’re back on Oz soil.

      And God Bless obliging husbands! Hug him tight for me, Sandii and tell him how grateful I am. (Though I hope he has more luck finding it than I have! A&U have spent a fortune on promo and I can’t find it anywhere! Maybe after March 1st which was the original release date?)

      And I’m so stealing that expression ‘big bombs of yay! I adore it! Love it! Love it!

      Thanks for visiting me yet again.
      Hugs. xxx

      • Kaz,

        I’ve done some sleuthing from rainy old Redondo Beach with a glass in my hand toasting you!

        I went to Dymocks online ( so I know where to send Dopey to get his hands on your lovely book. Right there online is your lovely book and gorgeous cover. Yay! When you click on ‘find instore’ it showed me where in Sydney I could purchase your book!!!!!!!! Hydrogen bombs of Yay.

        Come on people. Get to your local Dymocks and pick up a copy of Kaz’s book. Or, buy it online.

        If you see Dopey trying to buy another cookbook that we can’t use as we’re simple folk. I can’t do another plate of foam-food, just quietly. Please slip him another copy of Kaz’s book. I’d appreciate it.

        Sandii xxxx

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