Promotion, promotion, promotion

It’s Up! It’s Live! It’s Smokin’ Hot and it’s fabulosity times a million. It’s the book trailer for ‘Dead, Actually’! And it’s rockin the halls of youtube as we speak.

Check it out!

Paula peeking out from behind March edition ‘Girlfriend’ mag

So, location, location, location might be the catchphrase for the Real Estate industry, but for those of us in the writing industry, it’s Promotion, Promotion, Promotion.

And my wonderful publishers did me proud this week and I couldn’t have been happier if they’d sent me a wheelbarow full of Smarties. No, hold on… Wait… Smarties? Book promotion? Hmmnn… Book promotion? Smarties?

No, no. It’s okay. I’m back and my head is clear again. Of course I’m so much happier that they did such fabulous promotion on my behalf. (Though, Allen & Unwin? If ever you did send me a wheelbarrow full of Smarties (aka W.o.S), I certainly wouldn’t be ungrateful, if you know what I mean. Just sayin’…)

Seriously, it was way better than the W.o.S and such an amazing gift. First of all, they snagged a full page – ahem – that was ‘FULL PAGE’ in case you missed it – advert for DEAD, ACTUALLY in GIRLFRIEND magazine. Hands up who loved GF? WE do!!!

Sales of the mag all over the nation have soared just because people cannot wait to get a gander at that fabulous ad. 😉  I advise you to get your copy fast before they run out! Or take a peek at the photey at the top of this blog entry. That’s my BFF Paula Roe – who also happens to be an extraordinary web designer peeking out from behind the photo of the ad she took and posted to FB. Thanks P!!

But wait – there’s more!!! And no it’s not steak knives – but who knows? Next week it could be! DEAD ACTUALLY, is actually released in less than 72 hours(!) and next week we’ll be giving away loads of prizes – that may even include those steak knives  (but probably won’t unless they’ve sparkly diamente handles…) – all week long. Yee ha!

More news? Amazingly, my publisher had to do another print run to meet orders! Unbelieveable. And you know what that means, right? That I am totally sunk if this book doesn’t sell! Dead in the water and floating, people!

So, spread the word! And while you’re doing it – come along and par-tay with me next week. Starting Monday. All week long… It’s an all-eatin’ (Smarties!), no sleepin’, all dancin’ week. Can I slip in another Yeeha! Too much? Okay.

Dead, Actually. Available Mon Feb 27th, at all good – and hopefully bad – bookstores.


2 Responses

  1. Kaz,
    Well done,
    Hope you have huge success,

  2. Gosh – thank you Suzi! I’m so sorry it’s been a blur here and I didn’t even realise you’d taken time to come and visit. How rude of me! And how wonderful of you.

    Thank you! Thank you!

    Hugs xxxx

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