Happy 2012!

Hi everyone! Happy 2012! I know, I know – it’s already the end of January! The year is almost 1/12th over!

Yes, yes – I hear you but while I’ve been away, I’ve actually been pretty busy, so I hope you forgive me.

You know, I thought it might be fitting to intro you some of  my fabbo crit group the Valley Girls – or VGs for short. Some of us have been together for close to 20 years – so it’s a special group. From left: Heather Cleary, moi, Michelle Douglas, Mary Brehe, Leanne Mcmahon and Annie West. (Missing are Judy Griffiths, Tanya McGovern and Melissa James.) This was taken at our Christmas celeb at our fave dinner venue – the fabulous Lake Macquarie Yacht Club.   I owe these galz a lot – and I hope they know how much I love them.

So: this year is going to be a huge one for me. My biggest news is that we’re expecting a new family member around July 19th. No, not mine but the next best thing – and we’re all very, very excited!

But of course, the year was already huge as I’m also expecting the birth of next major book baby, Dead, Actually (Allen & Unwin) and we’re counting down the days till that happens! Yep March 1st which is exactly only 36 days away. Can you believe it? Just minutes ago it seemed like forever and now I’m rushing around trying to organise everything and panicking that I’m running out of time. 

To top of all the joy around here, Kerri <g> has also had a great start to the year. Yep, my alter ego has blasted into 2012 with not only a new January book release from Pearson (with cool prizes so tootle on over!),  but a sale of 6 books to Macmillan. Of course that has meant I’ve had absolutely no break yet all summer – but it was worth it.

As Kaz, I’ve also joined a rockin’ group of authors down at Downunder YA, and my blog days are the 13th and the 27th of each month. So, I’d be excited if you dropped by on one of those days.

I’ve also been planning my year which is going to be really busy. As it was just announced yesterday, I’ll share that one of those events is Writefest at Bundaberg in May – and I’ll be talking about that in the next couple of blogs as well.

How will I cope this year? I’ve always been big on goals ( see my DowntownYA) post and this year is no different. Or maybe it is – in that I’m so determined to ensure that I make the most of every moment of 2012. I don’t want to get to the end and wonder what happened or where it went.

So dada… For some it’s the Year of the Dragon – but for me it’s the YEAR OF ORGANISATION. (No raucus laughing! Please! )

And you can help keep me honest.  Sound like a challenge? Good – I love challenges…

As the year progresses, I’ll be sharing  my specific goals and dreams – and we can check on how I’m doing. Until then – what are your plans for 2012? A cruisey one? A fired one? Do you have goals? Believe in them? Do they work for you or against you?

I’d love to hear…


9 Responses

  1. What a great start to the year Kaz and Kerri!!
    SIX books – wow, the kids in my class will be very excited to read them, you’re their favourite author!!
    Still so excited about the launch of Dead, Actually!
    I have plenty of goals for this year, but need the year to start rolling and get back to work to put those goals in action!! So fingers crossed!
    Another family member?? VERY EXCITING – how lucky a precious little bundle is to have you in it’s life!!
    Thanks for the update Kaz, good luck with the organisation 🙂

    • Hey Ree! Please send my hugs to those great kids! They have VERY discerning taste. Or maybe they’ve been brainwashed?

      Yes – getting all geared for the launch of ‘Dead, Actually’! Most exciting – and very scary. There are times when I long for the good, old, naive days where i thought writing the book was the hardest part…

      Now I know it’s just the beginning…

      And new family members? No, sweetheart – this baby is going to be very blessed because its mummy is one of the most precious people on earth.

      Take care and thank you for coming to say ‘hi’.

  2. Dear Kaz/ Kerrie – good luck with achieving all your goals in 2012.
    E x

    • Thank you Eleni!

      It’s going to be a huge year and whilst I’m keeping up – sort of – I’m way behind on the residue of things that piled up from last year.

      Having a computer meltdown didn’t help. But I’m ‘trying’ to get on top of that as well.

      Love you sweetheart! Thank you for dropping by when you’re so busy!

  3. Kaz, you’re a wunderkid. I cannot keep up with you and between Kaz and Kerri, you’re double the wonder.

    I wish you an amazing year. And Kerri too.

    Congratulations on your upcoming “Dead Actually” and Kerri’s “Welcome to my life of doom”.

    You’re going to be Bizeee. And you’ll star.

    Have a wonderful year of “organisation”.

    Best wishes,

  4. Thank you Chris! What beautiful words… Very motivating and yet very humbling.

    Yep – there are times when I think I created a monster by having two identities. But given the disparity of what I write, I think it’s necessary.

    I HOPE it’s necessary, otherwise I’m just creating a one-way pass to the nearest looney farm!

    It WILL be busy Chris, and I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure exactly how that will pan out. One thing I know about myself after all these years is that I seem to find strength in stress – which is a good thing given that I seem to have so much of it at times.

    Time is my biggest worry – but this year I’m just giving myself up to it – and making the most of every minute I can. Check in with me at the end of the year ro see how it worked. My fear is that when you DO try to check in you’ll be given the address of that looney farm! LOL!

    And my friend – I hope this is an amazing year for you! I hope great things happen and doors open. You so deserve them – and that would make this year even more special for me as well!

    Thank you for dropping in!

  5. Dear Lovely Kaz

    This is how unorganized I am. It’s February and my whole resolution of getting stuff done instead of thinking ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ or in the case of cleaning the oven or bathing the cat, ‘I’ll do that, maybe next week.’

    This year I am going to:

    Not procrastinate. As much. Going cold turkey would kill me, I’m sure.

    I am going to keep in contact more, instead of assuming everyone is fine and if not I’d have heard otherwise. That’s a resolution I am not allowing myself to back out of. Sometimes I get caught up in writing, the kids crap, fostering dogs that I let things slide and that’s truly appalling.

    I am going to finish two manuscripts at least. There I said it. Now I have to make it come true. Bugger.

    Take tennis lessons. Me and exercise don’t have a love-love relationship. The fact I cause a lunar eclipse when I bend over is a sad fact. I do wish they made bras for bums. Sigh.

    I promise to drop over more often and see you.

    Sandii waves from the other side of the world.

    I too am counting down to your new release.

    Sandii xx

  6. Hi Sandii – what a beautiful, beautiful response! I laughed and mentally hugged you as I read.

    I love your goals and will promise to ALSO try to keep in touch more often.

    And I’m so with you on the exercise… I have to MAKE myself do it. Silly thing is that I always feel betetr when I’m exercising – even if it’s just walking. But once I fall out of the habit for a few weeks – then it’s like trying to get a saddle on a wild brumby. I kick and buck and snort and generally make life for myself, and everyone around me, a total misery…

    And sweetheart? I think we both have to be grateful for one thing – and in fact the entire world should be thanking us as well. If YOU cause a lunar eclipse at that end of the world, (something I doubt strongly – but I’m agreeing for the sake of this argument) how much worse would it be if we were in the same hemisphere and we bent over at the same time?

    Plunged into complete blackness! LOL.

    The world should be rejoicing that we live on different sides of the earth.

    And honey? I love your two book goal. I’m going to be keeping you honest on that one!

    Thanks you for dropping by! Hugs.

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