Shoes & Chocolate! Great comp!

 Who loves chocolate? Who loves shoes? My fabulous publishers are running a great competition to begin promoting my March release – Dead, Actually.  This is pure fun! All you have to do is vote for your fave chocolate shoe – yep – chocolate shoe, to go in the running!

All deets are on their FB  page:

Or visit Allen & Unwin’s FB page!

How did this happen?

In October, I visited my publishers for a marketing meeting for my upcoming novel, “Dead, Actually“. My agent flew up from Melbourne and it was a fabulous day – complete with a yummy seafood lunch. Those galz know how to get straight to this author’s heart…

Anyway, I took pressies! As there is a stiletto motif that runs through the book, I prepared gorgeous bags filled with chocolate melts, scrummy, edible decorations and stiletto moulds. I had added two chocolate stilettos for each bag, that I’d created the night before.  

There was such excitement, that right there a comp was born.  The staff and their families created shoes and we all get to vote! How easy, and how much fun?

There are books (including a copy of Dead, Actually as soon as it becomes available) to be won,  and I’ll be adding a cute chocolate mould pack  complete with chocky and decorations.

Anyway, I’d love, love you to support me on this. Please check out the FB page and vote for your fave shoe! I have my own personal fave. So, what do you think? Should the staff at A&U give up their day jobs and become chocolate shoe makers? LOL!






8 Responses

  1. Oh, Kaz, those shoes look divine! In fact, they look too good to eat… almost. 🙂

    What a wonderful idea for a competition. I can’t wait to see which stiletto wins!

  2. Me too, Michelle! I was so jealous when I saw how much fun those A&U people were having!
    I mentioned that I had a fave, but that’s not quite true – I have a few ‘faves’.

    And how about those little people who offered their efforts? Wow! There’s some crazy talent there!

    Thanks for dropping by and for checking out the shoes. Too much fun!

  3. Holy Hot Shoes, Batman! How cool are those shoes! Do we each get one if we buy the book? LOL.

    Roll on March!

  4. Hmmnn… maybe we could sell chocolate shoes? Like, “Buy a rockin’ chocolate shoe and get a rockin’ free book?” LOL.

    And yes, in answer to your question every single person who buys a book gets a chocolate shoe. Of course, you’ll all forget that rash promise by March. Right?

    Thanks for the fun, Elizabeth.

  5. I love chocolate and I love shoes. And I love great books! Do I win?

    Great idea for a comp, Kaz. A&U are doing you proud.

    Hope the books sells a trillion.

  6. Hi Jane! In my world, everyone would be a winner – especially a fellow shoe/choc/book-aholic.

    Just thinking – would that make us shochocbos? Sounds like some ancient tribe. A tribe of women who (only) eat chocolate, wear stilettos and read books?

    Okay, where do I sign up?

    Thanks for the kind words.

  7. Shochocbo? Oooh – sign me up too! Do we live on a tropical island? CAN we live on a tropical island? With cabana boys serving drinks in tall, chilled glasses that have those little umbrellas and a cherry?

    Fanning myself as I think about it all…

  8. Yum! Looking at them just made me hungry 🙂 looking foward to seeing the new book on shelves soon x

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