RWA Photos 2011 – Cocktail Party.

I’m only about two and half months late… And no, this Mafia Mud wasn’t served at the RWA Cocktail Party, but I *did* enjoy it at a fabulous retro Italian Restaurant in Lygon Street the night before the conference began in earnest.  And it  was wonderful. And potent!
The photo below looks like I’ve been swimming in cocktails all afternoon – but it had been a big day.  A meeting with my agent (Jacinta di Mase) in the morning, an amazing lunch at a local cafe (with a very cute waiter who told us AFTER we’d paid the bill that anyone staying at the Hilton gets a discount(!)), and then late afternoon shopping through the magical stores of Melbourne and darting through alleyways that housed hole-in-the-wall cafes that exuded that most mouthwatering aromas and were reminiscent of exotic Morocco. There was the most amazing wall-art to be wowed by and raindrops that had their target pinned directly on me. And so by the time we’d battled the bulging trams and  traversed Lygon street twice to find the perfect restaurant – I was beat!
After that long excuse for looking like a drowned rat – let me explain my post this week. It’s simply a pointer to the new photo page on this blog – and which features some photos of the cocktail party.
I almost forgot I had the camera, and

Ree Mandas and I enjoying that scrumptious cocktail!

so my shots were taken virtually as I was walking through the crowd as the night closed.  There were so many, many fabulous costumes, and I’m annoyed I didn’t get to immortalise those. But, those I did take, are fun!

So, take a peek and I hope you enjoy and remember…
In a week or so, I’ll post the rest of the photos, so look out for those as well.  
Till then don’t forget this is probably the last October post – and I (or someone!) will be drawing the winner’s name on Tuesday! 
As always, thank you for dropping by!

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  1. great read and you are awesome.

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