The Skinny on Lists

I read on a Blog-Advice blog (does that make sense?) that lists always draw a crowd. And that odd numbers work better.

Random prediction: Expect lists. Odd numbered ones…

 Here’s the first. Okay, so you may – or may not – have noticed that I haven’t been around. And I have to say upfront that I don’t have a note. Or a certificate from my doctor, though my psychiatrist offered… But I do have excuses aplenty for not hanging around much.

So, drum roll… My Seven Reasons for Not Blogging

1. I have perfected the art of lurking to such a degree that I can’t discriminate between loops and my own blog.

2. My computers were both sick.

3. I was sick.

4. My dog was sick.

5. My neighbour’s dog was sick.

6. My psychiatrist’s receptionist’s sister’s mother-in-law’s accountant’s dog was sick

7. I had revisions. Then copyedits. And I’ve been working three states; three capital cities…

What can I say? It’s been tough… So now that we’re agreed that I have been genuinely delayed beyond my physical control, just let me add one more comment: (If you imagine a thin, whiny voice this will work better for both of us)…

“I’m not the only one…”

It’s true!! This news was both shocking and strangely liberating. I mean, imagine me, beating myself up every day because I can’t seem to think up scintillating blog topics, or if I can I can’t seem to scratch out the time to do it. And then imagine me in a corner, curled into the foetal position, wailing and keening that I am neglecting my friends, my family and my followers, feeling like the biggest loser in blogland; feeling like the only blogger to ever miss a blog (or hundred…) And then I take a mo to perform a quick recon mission – and what do I find? Literally dozens of pathetic bloggers like me making the same whiny excuses!

I mean, really? How could I not know? So, do I feel better? Well, I did for about three minutes. But then I also realised that I’m just like everyone else. And that’s hardly special is it? Hardly unique.

Hmmn, do I sense a challenge coming on? Photos coming up – both RWAust and CYA. Plus ‘Prize Announcements’ and the real ‘7 Reasons Not to Blog’ – all coming up! So, stay tuned.

See? The challenge is working!


2 Responses

  1. Kaz, there’s no-one like you, babe. Feel special now? 😉

    And lookie here, you have a list of blog posts coming up. So the list thing works!

  2. If it doesn’t work I am unworthy of your very, very appreciated support! And yes, now that you’ve responed I feel very special! LOL.

    As always, thank you so much for dropping by!

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