New Website! Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

This blog is going to appear on both sites this time – something I try not to do, but it’s for a good reason: It’s celebration time!

What are we celebrating? Well for starters, it’s the month of my birthday. But way more important than that – we’re celebrating the revamp of my new Kaz Delaney Website. The amazing Ms Paula Roe  (seen below in the middle between the gorgeous Shannon Stein (foreground) and myself ) has once more sprinkled her magic and my brand new *sparkling* website is up and running. And in perfect time – but more of that later…

Anyway, to celebrate and to thank you for being so patient with me, I’m offering some great prizes.

How do you get said prizes, and what are they? Good questions.

1. How?

Easy. Any person who leaves a comment on any blog of mine during the month of October will go in the draw! If you leave comments on more than one blog that month, you get more chances! Cool?

There’ll be two lots of prizes – so blogs on this site as well as the Kerri site will put you in the running. There’s one set of prizes for each site. Twice as many chances.

I have to say, for me, this is one of the most exciting parts of being a writer; getting to source great gifts and give them away to my friends! Too much fun!

2. What?

It’s a Kaz party so we have to do it in Kaz Style. So, the giveaway is the cutest little woven shoulder purse – and it’s jam packed with the essentials. Lip gloss, a sparkly mirror to make sure you’re looking fab, some mints so that you’re hot-guy ready, the cutest little mini eye makeup set, some nail polish in the hottest new summer colour, and a mini hand cream to keep your hands silky smooth and soft.

And, if you’re girl after Kaz’s heart – you’ve got to rock the right perfume? Yes? And I found the most gorgeous writer perfumes ever. Okay, so it won’t fit into your bag, but you can squirt before you leave and it’ll last because it’s designer Italian perfume.

Check it out! It’s shaped like a pencil! How cool is that!

They’re part of the WORDS, inspirational themed perfumes by Dese Venezia and the one’s I’ve chosen for you are entitled: Thought.

What’s more the whole bundle is worth more than a hundred bucks – each one – and I want to express my sincere gratitude to those who donated some of these amazing gifts to help me celebrate. What a lovely surprise – and I’m so delighted I can share! And if it’s not your style, I hope there’s someone in your life who would love it.
So go ahead! Make my day! Comment! LOL!


6 Responses

  1. Oooooh! Pretty, pretty, preeeettteeee! LOVE the new sparkly website – so very you, bella 🙂 Love the prizes too! Mega congrats on your new website and have a great birthday!

  2. OOOH I looove that you like the pretties!!! And yes, Paula knows me very well, Yes? All those sparkles? I adore them.

    Thank you sweet bella! Thank you for dropping by and thank you for your wishes. Such a lovely surprise!

  3. Happy, happy birthday, gorgeous girl!

    • Thank you!!! It’s a big month! My daughter and father share a birthday the day after mine. Crazy but good.

      You know, it’s never rained on my birthday – ever. It’s always been the most gorgeous, warm spring day, but I’m not liking these persistent rainclouds and intermittent storms! Is this the year to break the dream run? Hmmnn – maybe because I’m not really looking foward to adding another number to my age!!!

      Thank you lovely lady! What a gift you are. xx

  4. That was so inspirational. I’m a sporadic blogger who wonders if it’s really worthwhile spending the time, while always being told it is. I liked seeing a whole raft of good reasons to put in the effort written in your inimitable style. And I *love* the cover of ‘Dead, Actually’.

  5. Oh wow. Thank you so much for a lovely comment Beverly. I wrote a big long reply to this Beverly and somehow I lost it all. I was having a good old whinge about certain aspects of the industry, having a cry on your shoulder – when it kind of morphed into me venting… LOL. So, maybe it was a sign that it disappeared. Maybe I was too high on my soap box and fell off… I think the gist was that these are tricky times and we just have to do whatever is best for us. Just do whatever feels right for you – and thank you so much for dropping by to leave a comment. Hugs.

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