Back from (the) Dead, Actually

I believe in celebrations. I believe we need to celebrate something every day; celebrate life. As an author, life can be fraught with obstacles which, I believe, is even more reason to look for those silver linings. Sometimes it’s making word count. Sometimes it’s rejigging a plot problem. Sometimes, on those impossible hair-tearing days,  it’s just finding the time to sit at the computer and write one paragraph. All valid – and mandatory – reasons to celebrate. They’re the things that keep us coming back day after day.

 For me today, it’s time to celebrate having my revisions approved by my editor.  And man, is it reason to celebrate!   Dead, Actually  (Allen & Unwin) will now go into official production and with loads of luck will grace the bookstore shelves in March 2012.

It’s been a while since I’ve been here and I apologise and hope my next blog will explain some of that. But for now just let me wallow. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I sweated blood over these edits, but in honesty, getting them done was just one part of that challenge. However, that email saying, “Congratulations; well done!”, were the sweetest words I’d read for months.

Closely followed by editor, Anna Mcfarlane’s , next words: ‘… and the result is a delightfully cheeky satire of that superficial and materialistic microsm that is teenage society, and a page turner all in one.’

Yes, I know, I know… Tacky, tacky, blatant self promotion. So crass. So self-serving. So ego stroking… 

But allow me this breach.  It’s been a tough three months and these words were the balm that soothed the ouchies.

The drinks are on me…


2 Responses

  1. Hey Kaz, love love love the title of this entry!! It sounds like you definitely earned a break following these edits!! Can’t wait to get my copy of Dead Actually!!!!

    • Thanks Ree! The title was a gift as it was exacly how I felt when I was writing the blog entry!

      Thanks for the kind words – I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy myself! Yay! Roll on March!

      Oh wait. No, not so hasty. Between then and now I have about 3 books to write – so maybe we won’t force time to fly. Maybe we want it to d-r-a-g… It would be nice to actually smell the roses along the way. Thank you again! xx

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