Social Networking for Authors

Just recently I’ve begun to realise that this social networking gig is absolutely huge!  And it’s laughable to consider I felt I was out of  depth before! But while I admit to feeling overwhelmed, I’m determined to kick on and learn as much as I can.

Trekking through the web can sometimes be hazardous. Sometimes it  felt almost like I was carefully stepping over tripwires ready to explode under me, and at others I felt like I was being lead into such dark recesses that I’d never find my way back. But then I found Lyn Jordan at – and I started to feel a bit more confident.

I scanned through a few of her posts – all designed to help the author find their way through this boggy blogfield. And then I came across a free download called ‘Social Networking for Writers’. Find it here:

Then out of the blue came email buddy, and Australian children’s author, Kathryn Apel, who offered her advice on tweeting. and also

So, armed with these new resources I’m about to curl up with a cuppa and hope I emerge better informed. Social Networking, here I come! Maybe…

Okay, I know I have a loooog way to go. If you have any other ideas that might help I’d love to hear them.

Cheers for now!  Oh! And my sincere apologies for the full addies rather than hyperlinks. Tonight my system is on hyperlink strike. You know how it is…


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