Are You Absolutely, Positively and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish your Novel? Help Child Literacy.

Quickie today as the edits are calling. Plus I have a Meditation Class later today and man – do I need that!!!!!!!!!

Today is a link to a crazy poster that asks you whether you’re ready to publish. It’s worth taking a look at. It’s wild, mind blowing – and intended just for fun. I think… <g> And you could be helping child literacy!

It’s created by  Anna Hurley and entitled “Are You Absolutely, Positively, and Wholeheartedly Ready to Publish Your Novel?”,  and according to Cyrique Lamar at io9  – “is a last minute checklist for budding authors everywhere”.  It’s got a fun ‘Spinny Wheel O’Title’ and heaps of other stuff – all on the one poster.

Check it out at:

This post (and poster) I’m sending you to is a year old, but sales of this were going to help child literacy. I’m heading over to check  out the price, because it just so bizarrely detailed I can’t resist!  Fun addition to my already overcrowded office.

And don’t forget tonight I’ll be posting  the Dragon traits in the Chinese Zodiac series. If you’re ready to set your world on fire in 2011, you might want to check out your predictions.


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