Borders Drama

Been a hectic week – edits and more edits. Plus a proposal that’s sending me insane! You know how you have all these characters yelling at you? And you can’t get to them – and so they yell louder? And then you decide, the only way to calm the frenzy is to give up sleep. After all, that’s the only unaccounted time you have this week, right?   So on top of all the hectivity, I now have a headache. 

But that’s nothing compared to Border’s headache. After so much speculation and dangled lifelines, last night the axe fell and they filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. ( Bankruptcy Deets) And I admit, their problems are our problems – the problems of all writers and readers. If it was just Australia, I’d be tempted to blame government’s lack of foresight – but this is world-wide. And it’s a tragedy.   I adore Borders. I adore books – real paper, real cardboard, ink smells… Falling asleep with the book on my chest, (not because the story as bad, but because I’ve read way past my point of natural exhaustion, but the story is so good it refuses to let me make rational decisions) and knowing that book can drop gently to the floor and it won’t break…

The powers that be, and those much much worldly and wiser than I, are laying this problem at the feet of e-books. And it would be foolish not to consider that e-books are going to have an impact, but really? Is it ALL e-books? Could there have been a teensy bit of mismanagement, Mr Border? I mean, we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars in unpaid debts. Mostly to publishers.

Not that I’m blaming you, Mr B. Hey, I struggle with a household budget! Or am I being too harsh? Am I displaying my ignorance along with my derriere? After all, it’s possible my head is firmly planted in the sand, (meaning my butt is foolishly exposed for all to take aim) and I’m refusing to see what is in fact happening. That e-books really have taken over the world…

Really? All I ask is for there to be balance. Surely we can all live side by side: the paper people and the techno people.   If we can have equanimity, and balance, I will be happy. Dominance isn’t making me smile…

But meanwhile, my sincere sympathies, Borders. I hope you bounce back and we see you all smiling again soon! Fight on, I say! How about you?

PS: Are you a Tiger? Go on admit it! Let’s see your wild side! Tomorrow I’ll continue my wander through the Chinese Zodiac with a look at your traits and also your 2011 predictions. 


4 Responses

  1. Hi Kerri,
    Fab to find your website. Thanks for your blog on Borders, although leaving me quaking in my shoes about the future of the book.
    As a near published author, should I be pursuing mainstream publishers or be looking at POD?
    … Karen :))

  2. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for dropping by. I honestly don’t know what the future holds. I do think as kids authors we might be safer for a bit longer – tho as YA authors – not so sure! Just gotta have faith, I guess!
    I was part of epublishing discussion the other day, (as an attendee) and I learned a lot! Maybe I’ll see if I can interview her and pass on some wisdom. Take care, Kerri/Kaz

  3. I buy e-books for my Kindle and my hubby buys them for his iPad on various apps. I still buy paper books too. If anything, I think my acquiring a Kindle has increased my purchases of books. It has made me even more book obsessed, downloading and purchasing many more than I could ever read. The flow-on is that I’ve also increased the number of paper books (my daughter has a book-theme for her room and is decorating it filling every corner with books) and I’ve discovered audiobooks. I often buy from Borders in Canberra, and it’s always crowded.
    So, I have to also wonder if it is from a lack of book sales?

    • Honestly, I don’t know Charmaine. My Borders is always busy as well. I buy audio books for my father who is almost blind – but gee they’re pricey. So, I’m clueless.

      I’m really interested in your e-book journey, and I admit I’ve heard your ‘type’ of story a few times lately. Time will come when I’ll have to really look deeper – and stop being a nancy-girl wimp about chnages!!! LOL. Thanks for dropping by – I really appreciate it.

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